Tell me about April


I need some help. I am trying desperately to convince Dave to go to WDW for a short trip in late March/Early April. I know this is Spring Break time but feasibly it’s the only time in the next two to three years that we’ll be able to go.:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:

How is the weather in April?! We’ve been in early March and early June. I remember wearing jeans in March and sweating to death in June.
I know the crowds will be insane and I am prepared for that but I don’t think I could do another insane crowds and insane heat trip.
Also, what about the P&PP isn’t that in the Spring? Any word on the dates for 2009?


I think you should push for June 24th-28th.


Yeah, I’m selfish… so what? :laugh:

PS: I don’t think I’ve ever been in April, we’d go every May when I lived in Florida and it was beautiful then. Hardly any rain, the crowds were mild some weeks in May, and you’d get the Flower & Garden Festival in EPCOT.


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;875230]I think you should push for June 24th-28th.


That would be the only other time we could go (That’s Dave’s birthday too) but we may have something going on in June that isn’t certain yet so I don’t want to plan for it.


[B][We’ve gone every April for the past 7 years:laugh: We always have to go during Easter when the crowds are crazy but we manage. We had more trouble booking for this December for rooms and ADR’s than any time in April:confused: Go figure!! The temps are usually moderate but can get chilly at night.B]It was only blazing hot one of the 7 years. Go when you can and enjoy!!


I love going in April. We have gone April 19th-26th two years in a row now.


We went in April in 2005. We stayed at ASMu, and the crowds there were bad with school trips, but we somehow seemed to miss the parks that the kids were hitting each day. We were surpirsed how low the crowds were; we were prepared for much more. It still got fairly hot during the day (in the 90’s), and was nice in the evening, maybe a light jacket or sweatshirt.


I was thinking school trips might be a big deal. When we went in early March it was invasion of the cheerleaders. Which I didn’t mind so much at first. But a week of hearing chants everywhere I went was enough to drive a former cheerleader crazy.


I went one year from April 26 - May 3 and it was absolutely heavenly. Low crowds and great weather. During the day, we would wear shorts…in the evening, a long sleeve shirt or a light sweatshirt/jacket.

I don’t know about the spring break crowds, but I bet the weather would still be wonderful in late March/early April. DH’s parents go down to Florida for 2 months during the winter (mid-February through mid-April) and they constantly send us postcards on how nice the weather is. They like to brag! :laugh:

As for touring plans, friends of mine always go during the peak times of year (summer/school breaks) and swear by and his busiest/least busiest park schedule.


My bil took his daughters this past April and said he wished he didn’t. The crowds were so crazy that they only got to ride 4 rides. All the wait times were 70 mins Plus. This was at MK. That is the only park that he went to. I felt so bad for my nieces it was their first trip to the World and probably their last. We told the my dh’s brother not to take them then and he insisted. I personally would never ever go then. It is so crowded it just seems that you would spend so much time waiting in lines. But if you don’t mind the lines then I say go for it. Especially if that is the only time you can take off for work. The weather will be really nice at least. Good luck convincing Dave.


IMHO- A WDW trip is what you make of it! :mickey:

And as a “veteran” I think you will be fine! April is hit or miss . . . but if you plan ahead . . . work the fast pass machines, take a break when the crowds get to you . . . you will have a MAGICAL time! :flowers:

Hope you get to go . . . and that there is a weekend in there so the girls and I can drive up to meet you guys!! :smile:


OH jeez, just go in June already! :tongue:

pllleaaasssee. :sad: hehe.


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;875467]OH jeez, just go in June already! :tongue:

pllleaaasssee. :sad: hehe.[/QUOTE]

Well if you go in June we can see you BOTH!! :wub: