Tell me about Christmas at WDW


It looks like we MAY be able to make a very short trip around the 11th of December for only two days. Flying down late on the 11th be there for the 12th and the 13th and fly home on the 14th. There is a MVMCP on the 12th that we could attend. My questions would be what should we or could we do or see in that amount of time? And what would be your “must do’s”. We would want to see as much as we could as we love christmas and this would be a very - very rare thing. We are both retail managers and leaving work at Christmas is not allowed. I have never researched anything at Christmas as it would just be to upsetting to see what we are missing. Any help or info is appreciated. I will be talking to the powers that be tomorrow about the possibility of doing this. :mickey:


The Osbourne lights are very cool, Over 5million Christmas lights, The castle is well decorated, and downtown Disney is spectacular!!!


Oh, this is our favorite time to go! We’re actually planning a trip right at the same time with our extended family. The MVMCP is always a must!!! And catching it on a weeknight is always so much better! We love to go to the Disney resorts and look at all of the Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. The Grand Floridian is spectacular as well as the trees and decorations at the AKL. The Christmas trees at the parks are amazing as well. Christmas around the World at Epcot is antoher favorite of my family. The kids love to listen to all of the different versions of Santa and Christmas traditions for the country.

Hope you get to go. There’s nothing like the magic of Disney at Christmas time!


The whole resort is just absolutely beautiful…you can resort hoop the whole time to just look at all the decorations. The decorations at MK and EPCOT are fab!

I love just walking around looking at the winter wonderland that Disney puts on.


I ditto the Osbourne Family Lights, the MVMCP, and the Grand Floridian. The holiday decorations just make all of WDW more beautiful. It’s my favorite time to visit!


You have to do the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. It is a telling of the Christmas story by a celebrity narrator and it is wonderful!!!


I have to say that the Candlelight Processional is great…get the package deal.


Only 2-days, Renee? I don’t think I could justify the trip myself. BUT visiting the resorts is a great full-day experience!


Don’t forget to squeeze in the Character Tree Lighting ceremony at Epcot…you can do this on your way to the Candlelight Processional. It’s very cute!


If it’s in the budget and you can fit it all in do all that was suggested. If not, you’ll still enjoy just being there. I feel it’s the best time of the year to be there. Talk about magic! :heart:


All the suggestions are great ones. My favorite for getting in the Christmas spirit is the Candlelight Processional. Here’s a slideshow of some photos of Christmas past at WDW that will whet your appetite.


I keep hearing great things about MVMCP…but honestly, paying for our tickets is gonna cost us enough…if finances are a stretch, is it REALLY worth going to? If we went in early Dec, it would be me, my mom, and my dad. I’m not sure my parents are quite as into disney as I am. :wink: Not so sure MVMCP would be something they’d enjoy…

But we’d definitely drive around the resorts! You got me all excited now…


Last year we went to MVMCP and absolutely loved it. Not only did we enjoy the shows, but most of the rides were walk on. The price of the tickets were definitely worth it to us. We are planning on going back this year too.


Don’t forget to check out the resorts if you can. Every year at the Grand Floridian they have this life size GingerBread House that is really something to see. The tree a the center of Wilderness Lodge is also breathtaking. There are so many others to list but I would definitley recommend checking them out if you can.


MVMCP is nice but if I had to make a choice I’d go to the Candlelight Processional. It’s something everyone should see. Reminds you what Christmas is all about. If you don’t mind waiting in line, it’s free. Or you can get the package which includes a meal. Well worth it. What ever you decide to do, you won’t be sorry you went in December. Enjoy!


Candlelight Processional definitely interests me and I think my folks would like it too. Plus its free. :laugh: Sorry y’all, frugal/poor Disneyfan over here… :angel:


Thanks for all the info, keep it coming. I would love to make this a long trip but I just cant leave the store at Christmas and if I do get this worked our we may never make it again. I know that there is no way we can see everything but I would want to see as much as we can. :mickey:


Two days VS. not seeing it at all = a possible very short trip! Ya only live once! :mickey:


Screever,I wouldn’t bother spending the money on a MVMCP ticket ahead of time. If you are going in early December,wait until you check in to see if there are tickets available. Most dates further away from Christmas will have tickets available the day of the party.


WDW at Christmas time is the Most Wonderful time of the year. We try to go every year, even if it is just for a long weekend. Last year my Ds was only 6 months old so we did not go and boy did I miss it.
There is ssoooo much to see and do. Epcot has tons of stuff to do. As you go around the countries, each country has story tellers dressed as thier version of Santa and tells the audience about Christmas traditions in each country. There is also the candelight processional which really gets you in the Christmas Spirit.
If you are a shopper DTD has a lot to offer. It also has a lot of Christmas decorations.
Santa is there also.
I love MVMCP, the music the parade, the snow on mainstreet, If you can do it, I would go.
The resorts are all decorated. Do not miss the Gingerbread house at the GF. The Wilderness Lodge is also a resort to see!
Have fun!