Tell me about Disney Photo Pass


Did you like it, not like it. Was it worth the money? Where are the photos taken? I know they normally take photos when you enter the parks, but are there other locations too? Did any one purchase the CD or the photo movie? If you purchase the CD, can you edit and print the pictures? The CD sounds like something I might be interested in. :mickey:


They do not charge you to take the photos. Even if you do not buy any, you can go online and look at them for 30 days free. If you don’t buy any while you are there, you can order pictures online. I thought the CD would be a good deal if you had alot of pictures taken. If I remember correctly, it was around $95. Keep in mind that it will cost you money to print teh pictures too, but it shouldn’t cost you that much. Since we did not purchase the CD because we did not have too many photo pass pictures taken, so I can’t help you with your question about editing them. I am sure that someone else here will be able to answer that for you.


Well, our fellow DC’er MickeyRon was the first person I know of that got the new PhotoPass CD, and it was a GREAT deal. You get every picture you have taken during your trip and they put it on the CD for you. Now, when Ron went during the first week of May, they put the pictures you had taken, plus they applied the decorative Disney overlays on the picture, so you ended up with 4 or 5 versions of each picture. His CD had a total of nearly 400 picutes on it. When I went to WDW, just a couple weeks after Ron (18-29 May), they had just updated their software because the contract with Kodak is expired, and apparently the new software doesn’t allow them to apply the cool little overlays on the pictures anymore. We were VERY disappointed. So we just took our plain 185 pictures…

The good thing about it is, that you have complete rights to the pictures. Disney gives you the rights, which allows you to take them anywhere to get them printed, so that’s nice. It sure beats paying $25 for each print from them…

They take those pictures all over the place. Most character meeting areas have a PhotoPass photographer, as well as other places around the park.


We did the PhotoPass last year and loved it! We ordered our prints online when we got home, and we were very pleased! It was a great “Disney Fix” to get that colorful decorated Disney envelope in the mail!

We didn’t get the Cd though, as we really didn’t have that many pictures taken!


Dewey, can I ask a question?? Do they at LEAST do SOME of the overlays on the CD? (like when you are holding your hand out and they put tinkerbell in the palm of your hand at MK or Simba at AK) Do they let you put the decorative borders on them yourself when you get home, like you can do WITHOUT the CD? Am I making sense??


I was wondering the same thing. I would like to be able to put the borders on my pictures too. But I think that’s what he means by overlays.


We did the CD but that was when they were putting the overlays on them. I sure hope that they have not stopped that. We did not have them
put on all of them - that takes a while but we did the main ones. It was worth it to us.


Kim… I know DewBoy is going to give me a hard time for answering for him… but the Tinkerbell and Simba are considered overlays… so nope they aren’t currently allowing you to get that on the CD… bummer

Although, even if you purchase the CD you still have access to the photos on the web and they have some of the overlays available.

So it seems that if you want Simba or Tinkerbell you will have to purchase the print! YIKES


Ouch! I was afraid of that!!! I think it really STINKS that they took that option away! Lots of people buy the prints JUST BECAUSE of the overlays on them, so it doesn’t make sense that they took this option away. They should have put something on the CD that allows you to create whichever prints you want with the overlays. :dry:


A girl I work with went to WDW early May. They had some Photo Pass pictures taken, but she said that she had taken her own pictures that were very similar and sometimes better. She did not purchase the $95 CD with the photos, but she did create the Movie when she got home and used some of the photo pass pictures that she retrieved on line, as well as a lot of her own personal pictures that she uploaded into the movie. She got it in the mail in about 2 weeks and let me tell you, it is well worth the $50 she paid for it. It’s actually a DVD with music and special effects throughout the movie that consisted of 4 chapters. Besides the movie, all of the pictures can be viewed on a slide show. I’m not sure if she is able to edit the photo pass pictured from the DVD, but I can ask.


Wait…only $50 for the DVD??? Holy canoli, THAT IS AWESOME!!! (and you can include all of your photopass pics EVEN IF YOU DON’T BUY THEM???)


The movie was so cute. I watched it a few times at work on my computer (I’m one of the lucky ones to have a DVD drive on mine.)

She used some of the photopass pics on the movie. Plus she purchased a few as prints. The pictures that are in the slide show on the DVD are all of the pictures that were actually used in the movie. I guess all the other photo pass pics will be gone from viewing on line after the 30 days. I’ll ask her on Monday.


Ok… Now that’s what I thought was weird. You see, they were able to put in those. We got a couple with Tink in them and one or two at AK with Simba. But as far as the borders go, they said there is NO WAY they can do those… We were so upset…

And no, they don’t give you just the overlays and let you do it yourself, and I asked. All you get is the pictures…


That thoroughly STINKS!!! :angry:


Yes it does! But I’m willing to bet that there are some software programs out there that have some neat Disney borders for photos!

I’ll be looking… :happy: