Tell me about everything Pirates :)


My DS4 is absolutely obsessed with Pirates. We will be in Disney World in Dec. I was already considering the Pirates and Pals cruise and also where they make them up like pirates(can’t remember what it’s called). If anyone has any feedback on either of these things or knows of any other events they’d recommend or not recommend having to do with pirates I’d love to hear about them. Thanks!


You can stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and book (for an additional fee) a Pirate themed room. It’s very highly-themed, it’s not just some wallpaper … it’s pure DIsney magic.


Yes, but call early on that room. Look at pictures of it on They have great pictures. Look for the pirate show around pirates of the carribean… Have a great trip.


WOW! How did I not know this? That would be amazing! That would definatly keep your little pirate happy!


Make sure you get him a pirate makeover at The Pirates League The Pirates League | Walt Disney World Resort


The room is incredible! We were there for two weeks this past Spring and our kids loved it! It is a must-do at least once for any child who loves Pirates. There is also a Pirate boat excursion that you can do at Caribbean Beach Resort (as well as other resorts) where the kids can go on a treasure hunt. We watched them set-up for it and saw all the kids dressed up with the CM’s about to set sail. It looked like a lot of fun. If you are staying at CBR then you can have the kids do the boat tour while you relax at the pool.:pirate: