Tell me about Pop Century!


So, if this whole conference thing actually happens, we’ll be staying at Pop for six nights. Tell me about it! Are there buildings I should avoid, views that are no good? Which is the best pool?

Thanks! :flowers:


Haven’t stayed at POP…:noo:…but I just have to say that I totally hope this works out for you! It is SO EXCITING!!! :biggrin:


We are going back again and I am interested in the buildings as well. We are not getting a “preferred” location this time.

The main pool is the Hippy Dippy and it is the most fun for kids. There is also the Computer pool. I don’t know if there is another. It was loud by the main pool so that is why I’m not so interested in doing preferred again.


I think the other pool is the bowling Pin one??

Iam doing POP for the 1st time this year, and I have preferred rooms so I will be interested in the replies as well…


we stayed at the POP last june and are going back next september for our 25th anniversary. loved it we stayed in the 70s building first floor. iwe had no complaints except for the buses staying there in june it was verrrrry busy and we waited along time for the buses to come back to the hotel at night. mornings were not bad except there is no shade for the lines. My dh and i considered paying more for a moderate but we liked the POP so much and we do not stay at the hotel so we figured why pay more?.


Hey Bali! I’ve stayed at Pop twice but had “preferred” both times, staying in the “60’s building.” It really depends on your preference. DH and I like to be closer to the action, our door was literally about 200 feet from the pool, laundry, lobby entrance, etc. and I love that. Others may not b/c you do get more noise. Pop has a tendency to be loud most of the time, the main pool was always busy with children, as well as the food court and waiting for a dryer was quite a feat. If you prefer the more quiet secluded setting, father away from everything then I would request one of the back buildings. My sister in law stayed in the 80’s section and was closer to the main pool but her area seemed a little more quiet.

Otherwise, it’s fun! We liked it, very bustling, bright, and active. When fending for the buses in the morning the actual que is not covered so in the rain & sun it can be a little daunting. They do have a covered section but the lines for buses can be long so we never really wanted to lose our spot to go under the overhang.


We stayed at POP for the first half of our trip last June. We asked for, and received 70’s building B. It was no more than a 1 minute walk to the food court and the pool. Location wise for us, it was perfect.

Be prepared for it to be LOUD. No matter what time of the day it was, bright and early, noon, late at night it was HOPPING there. It always felt like 3:00 in the afternoon.

Hopefully the trip works out for you!


We went last year and stayed in the 50’s. It is a walk to the food court and the buses but it was worth it. It was quiet and the pool was always empty. They played fifties music and it was nice. I alsmost felt as if we were the only ones in the hotel. My DH and I would swin in the pool until 12 am sometimes all by ourselves… very romantic after a busy Disney day.
have fun on your trip !


We stayed at POP last month and I do not think i will stay there again, mainly bacause the rooms were so small! Part of it was because we stayed at OKW for the first 6 night in a 2 bedroom villa that was huge and then moved to the tiny rooms at the POP. I do have to say that we did not ask for a preferred room but got one that overlooked the lake and it was very quiet. I know the rooms on the other side were not quiet because they overlooked the pool. The kids area at the main pool was really nice for my 3 and 5 year olds! But like most people have said it always lively no matter the time of day!!


I stayed in the 50’s building and had a corner room on the first floor with a view of the lake when I stepped outside. I loved it!!