Tell Me About Staying at the Boardwalk


I’m leaving in one week for my marathon trip, and we were unable to get my usual Swan reservation. So we, myself and three girlfriends, are booked at the Boardwalk Inn. I have never been a guest at the BWI before. Tell me what your favorite thing is there.


You will be so happy! We loved the evenings there – At night, there are performers roaming around, and lots of night life!
The details in the hotel lobby is the most beautiful lobby in all of WDW, and we spent a lot of time enjoying the chandeliers and the decor. Check out that miniature carousel!
The plantings meant a lot to me… lots of gardenias all over the place, so that incredible smell floated all around wherever we went!
And sitting on the back porch of the lobby in the huge rocking chairs was pretty excellent, as well!


Here is a pic of the regular room! Wow, you are gonig to really love it!


Thanks MissDis. I’m a big fan of intoxicating smells myself. Sounds like a wonderful place to settle in with a glass of wine.

How about the coffee place or the lounge? Did you try either of those?


We still love Spoodles - even after the menu changes. It is also great for a nice quiet breakfast.


We love the BW, the atmosphere is great. We’ve only stayed in the BWV so I’m not to familiar with the BWI side. I think the grounds are beautiful, except for the Keister Coaster (I detest clowns). I’m sure you will not be disappointed ddoll.


We did try the lounge, and often! :laugh: We’d get cocktails and sit around on the balcony while the kids played on the lawn. But as for food, the only time we ate at the resort proper was to get hot dogs at the bar by the pool… :blink: Otherwise, we ate in the room or at a regular restaurant.

My kids hate breakfast at restaurants when we are at WDW, because they want to get to the parks early. And once we are out, we snack at the parks. Dinner is usually something special at a restaurant.


The BWI is very, very nice. The theming is pretty strong, especially the boardwalk atmosphere at night. the lounge is fine, but the proximity of the other nightspots afford even more variety and excitement. It’s a terrific place to stay.


BWV are one of our favourite resorts. And the lounge is SO NICE and relaxing - we used it often. And it’s so close to Epcot! And great restaurants. And always something going on on the Boardway. You’ll like it, I know. I especially love the Bakery - we’d stop in on our way home from the parks and pick up some breakfast for the room - or the sandwiches are great for a quick lunch - as is Spoodles Pizza Window.

We loved Flying Fish!


Get a room over looking the lagoon (facing the Beach club). I think you’ll dig it.


Really? I would have thought that being above the Boardwalk was noisy…


ddoll, if you are looking for a peaceful view out the window, ask if they have one of the garden view rooms… it is so pretty back in that little courtyard area! We take a lot of the kids’ photos back there, in front of one of the rose bushes!
It also has some huge trees and benches scattered around, and you will feel surrounded by quiet! Here is a pic from one of the Garden Suites – even though you have to look beyond the gate of the private garden, you can see what the courtyard area looks like just beyond the fence!


Cool. Thanks MissDis!


ddoll, oh wow, wouldn’t it be cool if you got a surprise upgrade to one of the Garden Suites with the private courtyard and the loft bedroom and all that???


The view of the Boardwalk and across the lake to the Beach Club is beautiful, and you can see the fireworks from Epcot, but it’s noisy until 2 a.m. They gave us an upgrade to a Boardwalk room once, but I wouldn’t want it again. Unless you’re planning to be out and partying too.:laugh:


We had two different rooms. One looked back at the quiet pool. Certainly less traffic out that way, but the close proximity to the Reedy Creek Fire Department and a service road in back of Epcot seemed to feature a lot of ambulance runs when we were there in September.
Our room on the Boardwalk, well, really above Flying Fish facing the Villas wing, was a more “lively” ambiance with the crowds going to and from the resort, the Friendships, the drunks spilling in and out of ESPN, Atlantic Dance, and Jellyrolls. Also, those great balconies that you think would be great to have, turn out to leave you feeling exposed to those on the ground, so no half naked sunbathing.
PS: viewing Illuminations from the Boardwalk is nowhere near the same as watching from inside the park. You literally miss more than half of the show, and if you’re facing the boardwalk, you’re looking the wrong way.


We’ve had a room overlooking the boardwalk twice and never had a problem with noise. I found the sliding glass door sufficient for blocking any noise when we were ready to sleep. I love to sit out on the balcony and watch the people down on the boardwalk.

I have many, many pictures of the resort if you’re interested.

Boardwalk Inn


Wow Laura! Great photos!!! Thanks so much for posting them.


Thanks everyone for your help. I have no idea what kind of room we’ll have. My TA booked us as “Run of the house” whatever that means (I think it’s like the best available room)


You could in theory wind up on the concierge floor or possibly even (though I wouldn’t hold my breath, if you know what I mean) one of the garden villas.