Tell me about Stormalong Bay


Our free dining trip begins on Sunday, August 15th, and we can’t add any days onto it in the beginning, or we lose our free food. However, we would like to go on down to WDW and begin our vacation a couple of days earlier. We are considering making a room only reservation at a different resort (right now we are booked at POR), and just letting the kids swim in the resort pool and do DTD at night for a couple of days. DH and I are thinking about the Beach Club because it’s so pretty and we’ve never stayed there. I also think that the kids would LOVE Stormalong Bay. It is part of the Beach Club, isn’t it? I don’t want to get everyone all excited about something and then be wrong and everyone is then super disappointed.


How old are your kids? We love SAB, we make sure to spend a lot of time at the pool because it is so different from any other pool. I’ll post some pictures this weekend when we get back. (We just spend the entire day in SAB and loved every minute of it.)


My kids are almost 12, almost 10 and 6. They love the water parks, but we’re not doing them this year, so SAB looks like a good option. We are still trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money to stay at BC or YC rather than just do a couple of room only nights at POR. I’ve looked at a few pictures online, but I’d love to see yours! Thanks for your help.


Contact Boss. He had points for rent. See if he can get you can get a DVC room at BC or YC and Stormalong is all yours.


Thanks for the tip. PM sent! :happy: