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Ok, Florida residents, or you recent WDW trippers, let’s talk tax. I know that FL has it’s own rules about taxes, but am I right in expecting restaurant meals to be taxed? If so, can somebody tell me what the current tax rate is?
The budget organizer in me needs to know!

Many Thanks! :happy:


I never really paid atention but was told it was higher on the resort…is this true???


There is a 6% sales tax on any food at a restaurant and most, if not all walk up windows. Various food items are not taxed at supermarkets, but WDW doesn’t qualify as a supermarket.
There is an additional “resort” or “bed” tax for your accommodations of I believe and extra 6%. This does not apply to food at restaurants or room service.

I was just thinking, and I think many of the snack items have the sales tax built in to your walk away price. That is, it is likely that your $2 bottle of water was $1.88 plus 12 cents sales tax.


EVERYTHING is taxed in FL. The tourist pay to run the state. :eek:


Taxx - it’s a four letter word.


Thanks for your help! This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll note 6% in my f&b budget.


Well…tourists and property taxes, but let’s not go there.



Thank you for asking this questiion. I have been wondering and am like you, the budget-minded need to know!


No problem. It took me a while to work up to asking, but hopefully this will be useful to other budget minded MBers.


I resent that. As a Florida resident, I pay just as much sales tax as a visitor. I get charged the same bed tax you get charged. There are over 17,000,000 Florida residents that live here 365 days a year, and I bet we pay more in sales tax annually than do the tourists. Don’t blame me for Walt Disney’s choice of Orlando for his east coast project.
As for the later comment about property taxes, don’t go there. Not with what I pay after they reset to reflect what I paid for the house as opposed to the people I bought it from.


If it makes you feel any better, I’m paying property taxes there too.

MANY people are feeling the property tax bite with the way prices have jumped. Our home prices have more than doubled in 5 years, as have the taxes. I’m now paying more for taxes than P&I on my mortgage.

What I love are the politicians that raise your assessment 25% then drop the rate 2% and BRAG about cutting our taxes. (Or even better…city where I have rental property just couldn’t possible AFFORD a tax rate reduction!)

I wonder how many tourist do visit FL on a daily basis. And can you imagine the cash flow WDW alone generates on a daily basis? Disney was a genus with the “Florida Project.”


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No problem. I think I’ve learned all I need to about taxes for now. Happy Thanksgiving!!