Tell me about the weather


at the end of September early October!!! I’m thinking it will still be fairly warm, just not sure!!


Wide range of temps this time of year. It usually will be warmer in the upper 70 and 80 degree average range. You could get some 90’s, and then a cool streak could hit you at night. Just be flexible.


We were there 2 years ago at that time, the weather was perfect! Nice and warm during the day and at night a light sweater or sweatshirt was perfect.


Still quite warm. VERY humid some days.


we were there mid October 2010 and the weather was gorgeous, still warm, even at night. Nice pool weather during the day.



We were there early October in 05 and mid October in 09 and both times it was hot. Perfect weather if you’re a pool family, but it was so hot in the parks. We’ll be sticking to November from now on. :wub:


We have friends that go every October. They love the weather and the halloween theme in the park - Mickey’s not so scary halloween (? I think that’s what it’s called).


You should be good going that early. In Oct 09 part of the week barely made it up into the 60’s and we were freezing in early/late day, the other part of the week it made it up to 80 and was hot! hot! hot!. But that’s later on in the month. We had to double pack that trip. Same thing happend in 03, but all the other years it’s been purr-fect:cheshire:


The last few times we had been there at that time it was hot and humid.


We went the first week of October in 2007 and it was just cool enough that we didn’t use the pools (we like it really hot out to truly enjoy pools). It was maybe mid 80’s during the day with much lower humidity. We went last fall for the last 2 weeks of Sept and it was HOT compared to what I expected after our previous fall trip. It was mid 90’s and I was constantly sweating, especially since I was wearing a nursing baby in a sling for a lot of it. Maybe there’s just that much difference in the matter of a week but I really did expect it to be about the same. There is a historical recording of weather on or I believe. You could refer to that to see trends.


Thanks everyone!! Hot and humid would be fine with me, for my BFF not too sure!! Hot and humid will help me convince her into the waterpark!!:mickey:


We have found that late September & early October is HOT. We usually go every October. One year, we went for 5 days & there were thunderstorms every evening. But, they come & go. It can be hot & humid or warm & comfortable.


OH you know me so well!!! Hot and Humid is NOT for me:cool: But I can take anything for 5 night in the world with my BFF and NO KIDS!!! Happy Birthday to ME:blush: