Tell me all about CBR


I think I’ve decided on CBR for our Jan/Feb trip. I was leaning toward WL or AKL, but I just can’t justify the extra cost. I wanted to have a balcony, so we’d have somewhere to go while DD naps, but we’ll figure something out.

We won’t be paying extra for a preferred room, so I think I’d like to request either Jamaica or Aruba…any advice on that?

We’ll have a stroller, so I’ll definitely request a first floor room as well.

What are your favorite sections? Any info would be appreciated!! :happy:


We love CBR it is one of our favorites! We always request Jamaica or Aruba as you are the first pick up and drop off on the bus loop (unless something has changed). Your also just a short walk over the bridge to the pool and food court. The pool area is awesome and my kids LOVE the pirate ship play are. The overall theme is wonderful and is such a relaxing resort. We’ve stayed at CBR 3x and are leaning toward CBR again for Spring Break 2012 depending on $.


We are going to be there for the first 4 nights of our trip coming up on 8 July, then our remaining 10 we are at the Polynesian. We are going to be in a Pirate theme room…so once we get back I’ll let you know what we thought.


I’ve only spent one night at CBR, so I don’t have any advice - but I’m glad you’re going back Cosmic!:happy:


Jamaica is the first bus stop (and Aruba is the second) for buses heading to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. But buses heading to Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney start at Martinique, making Jamaica and Aruba the 5th and 6th stops, respectively.

It is true that for NON-preferred location rooms, Jamaica 51 and Aruba 45 are the closest buildings to Old Port Royale (along with Martinique 22). HOWEVER, it’s also true that Jamaica 41 is the FARTHEST non-Pirate building from Old Port Royale, and Aruba 56 is just about as far.

So when you request Jamaica or Aruba, you’re really gambling. If you get Jamaica 45, you’re the very closest you can get (along with Aruba 51 and Martinique 22) to Old Port Royale. But if you get Jamaica 41, you’re in the very farthest standard building from Old Port Royale.

Barbados is a request for people who don’t want to gamble. The Barbados location is kind of “middle of the road” … you have no chance of being in the closest building to OPR, but you also have no chance of being in the farthest building from OPR. The three NON-preferred location buildings in Martinique are a good location (remember, Martinique 22 is just as close to OPR as are Jamaica 45 and Aruba 41), but there are only three non-preferred location buildings in Martinique, and there are 6 buildings in Aruba and Jamaica, making it only half as likely you’ll get your Martinique request met as compared with a Jamaica or Aruba request.

Confused yet? :blink: It’s just that there’s no one perfect village to request for a non-preferred location room.


We’ve stayed several times and absolutely love CBR. We’ve stayed in Trinidad S which is the farthest away from the Customs House and OPR, not worth walking at all. Plus you are usually the last to be picked up and in the morning buses are loaded.

We also were in Jamaica 41 which was a short walk across the parking lot to the bus stop and not a far walk to OPR. If you zigzag through the buildings, the walk is shorter.

Next we stayed in Trinidad N., which we were upgraded due to the room stinking to high heaven of musty odar. We received a ground floor courtyard view of the lake room which was a short hop, skip and jump to the pool and OPR.

Our last stay was in Aruba 46. Also a short walk to OPR.

All the islands have a quiet pool with laundry facilities. Most have beaches with hammocks and TS, Martinique and Jamiaca have playgrounds.

OPR has the foodcourt and two shops. One shop has souvenirs and necessities and the other has beach & island wear. There is also Shutters restaurant but we haven’t tried it at all. There is the main pool but we have not been there since they changed it. There is also a poolbar and tables all round. You can rent bikes and boats for the water.

There is an internal bus too.

This resort is big, beautiful and fun. We have never had any problems with castmembers and if there were any issues with the room, they were very quick to accomodate or correct the problem.

Good luck with choosing and planning your trip.


We LOVE CBR, we’ve only stayed there once, but it is our favorite Moderate. We stayed in Martinique. We were in bldg 25, we were close to OPR, a bus stop and the main pool.

Here’s a link to a map of the resort:

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Map -


And just to clarify, for those unfamiliar with CBR, all of the rooms in Martinique buildings 24, 25 and 26 are in a booking category called “preferred location” so they cost more per night than a standard room and must be reserved that way. If someone books and pays for a standard room, a request for a room in Martinique 24-25-26 is likely a wasted request because it is requesting a free upgrade.

Personally, I think paying for preferred location is worth it. I’ve done it both ways at CBR.


Thanks everyone. I should clarify that I don’t mind a little bit of a walk. I actually think I’d rather be a little bit removed from the busy atmosphere of the Port Royale area. I’m sure I’ll love it no matter where we end up.
I was looking at the map, and I don’t see that Aruba has a playground marked on the map, does anyone remember if that is correct?


[QUOTE=Cosmicwaves;1081749]Thanks everyone. I should clarify that I don’t mind a little bit of a walk. I actually think I’d rather be a little bit removed from the busy atmosphere of the Port Royale area. I’m sure I’ll love it no matter where we end up.
I was looking at the map, and I don’t see that Aruba has a playground marked on the map, does anyone remember if that is correct?[/QUOTE]

No Jamaica, Trinidad S. and Barbados have the playgounds but the one in Jamaica is close to Aruba, depending on what building you are in.

Also, there are walkways throughout the buildings so you can cut through in lieu of walking around the buildings.


We love CBR and we enjoyed the location of Aruba!


What section are the pirate rooms in?


We stayed at CBR three times and always liked it very much. The grounds are great and there’s a real happy atmosphere there. I’m sure you’ll like it very much. Can’t help with the pirate rooms as that must have happened after we moved to POR.


Before you make the reservation, I just want to make sure that you realize that the preferred location sections are not any busier than the standard sections. It’s not like they are connected to Old Port Royale or anything like that, they’re just closer. People from other sections don’t have to walk through the preferred location sections; many will walk acros the bridge from the other side of the lake and be right at OPR, and others will walk along the Promenade (the paved path) past the preferred location sections but safely far enough away from the actual guest buildings. In other words, being closer to OPR definitely does nothing to make these buildings busier or noisier. If the Promenade was a highway, think of preferred location as being a couple exits closer to the destination, but it’s not like the highway goes through the actual neighborhood, if you know what I mean.


[QUOTE=AprilandtheKids;1081993]What section are the pirate rooms in?[/QUOTE]All of the Pirate rooms are in Trinidad South, and Trinidad South is 100% Pirate rooms, no standard rooms in Trinidad South.

As a whole, Trinidad South is the farthest village from Old Port Royale. But if you happen to get the closest of the Trinidad South buildings (34), you’re still closer actual walking distance to Old Port Royale than if you were in the farthest Jamaica building (41).


Thanks for clearing that up. :happy: I’m still not paying extra for a preferred room though. :laugh:


Double check on the Pirate Rooms as I think they may be preferred price. If that is the case, you are better off requesting a room in Trinidad N or Martinique as they are also preferred rooms and they are the closest to OPR.

Either way, no matter where you are, there is the internal bus if you do not want to walk, or the little ones do not want to walk. BUT, they do not run as frequently as the park buses. And Trinidad S is usually the last to be picked up.


I stayed in bldg 31 last time. Or was it 33? Anyhow it was preferred and totally worth it. We were so close to the main area. It made all the difference in the world. I’d do it in a heartbeat. We would ride the bus and see people waiting for the pool in their wet clothes.