Tell Me All About POR!


Since I have never stayed at POR before, I don’t know the lay of the land. Tell me all about your favorite parts of the resort…the nicest buildings, pools to avoid, etc.
I think I would prefer the Alligator Bayou section, so is there a specific building that I should request?
If anyone has any pictures, I’d love to see those too!



This is one of our favorite resorts. It has a certain charm. The main pool area is very nicely done. We have only stayed in the AB section which has a rustic feel. The rooms have a trundle bed if you have 5 people.

You can take a casual boat ride to DTD which is very nice.

Have fun!!!


Alligator Bayou buildings 14 and 15 are the closest to bus stop and food court. The pool here has a fun slide. It is beautiful to walk around the grounds or you can have a horse drawn carriage ride! Definitely take the boat to DTD, it is a pretty and relaxing ride.


This was the first resort we ever stayed at WDW. We loved it. Stayed there 4 times. My personal preference was Magnolia Bend, but that’s just the Scarlett O’hara in me. I’m not really the “rustic” type - but we’ve stayed at AB too, and it’s very nice. POR is large but it’s landscaping is so beautiful, it’s not too much of a chore to walk around. We really liked the food court, but didn’t like Boatwights at all. One of the best things about POR is the boat to the Marketplace. My kids liked the pool, but I don’t think it’s one of Disney’s best. We also preferred the quiet pools there. All in all a wonderful resort. (oh yeah, I remember the Mercantile being one of the best and biggest resort stores).


POR was our “home” resort for many years when my mum travelled with us and we were a party of 6. We would usually get 2 rooms in Magnolia Bend, but did stay in Alligator Bayou a few times as well. I prefer MB (rustic is not my style) but the entire resort is beautiful and peaceful. My whole family feels that the main area (check-in, lobby, food court, lounge, store, arcade, etc.) is without a doubt our favorite of all the Disney resorts we have tried. Fultons General Store is the best! The busses can get crowded at certain times of the year because they pick up at French Quarter first and Boatwrights can also be very crowded because it is the only sit-down restaurant serving POR and FQ - but those are the only 2 negatives I can think of. We love POR!!:wub:


I’ve never stayed - but, I hear it’s the best Mod, ever!! I hope you love it!


POR is AWESOME!!! When we first stayed, we stayed in Aligator Bayou which was lovely. We had building 28 which was great. Only 5 mins or so walk from the main building and it had a bus stop just behind it which was handy too. We also had a quiet pool located just behind the building too. The last time we stayed there we were on the opposite side of the resort in Magnolia Bend and I have to say I much preferred this side. I don’t really know why to be honest as the rooms are not too disimilar in size or look and we still had a bus stop and pool really close buy too but there was just something aboudt this side of the resort that just topped it for us.

One thing to consider though is that the more rustic rooms in AB are the only ones which have the ‘trundle beds’ in~ should you need that for your requirements.

POR is unique and def our home away from home. You will love this resort I swear to you :happy:


POR is a amazing resort! We stayed there the first time we ever went to WDW and loved everything about it. We stayed on Magnolia Bend in Partier Place, that was probably one of the best buildings as it was right by the bridge to cross over towards the main building and bus stops plus there was a really quiet pool about 1 bulding over from us situated right infront of the laundry room which was super convinient. The theming is amazing and is a perfect escape from a busy day at the parks. Jus watch out for te **** geckos! I swear I spent half my time trying to avoid getting them squished under my flip flops!


We love POR!!! We’ve only stayed at Magnolia Bend so don’t know much about Alligator Bayou section. The mansion-style buildings right on the Sassagoula River are really gorgeous. If you have a larger party than 4 though, AB is the section to stay in.

If being closest to the main buildings is the most important thing for you, then AB building 14 is the best choice. Oak Manor is the closest building in Magnolia Bend (but, the third floor allows smoking).

I’ve only had breakfast at Boatwright’s and loved it. Don’t know what dinner is like.

In general, it’s a beautiful resort and I think you’ll have a great time there. Hope this all helps


Thanks everyone! I’m SO excited to stay there…I can’t wait!


POR is my very favorite resort. I have stayed there 3 times and will be staying there for the 4th time this August. Since the first time we stayed there, it has become my favorite resort ( I have also stayed at ASMusic, Caribbean Beach, POFQ and the Contemporary).

I have stayed in the Magnolia Terrace building all three visits and it has always been great. The last time we stayed there, the rooms had been recently renovated and were very fresh and new looking.

The food court is great, we did breakfast there almost every day. The boat to DtD is one of my favorite things and the River Roost lounge is lots of fun.

My favorite things about POR:

  • Pulling up to the porte cochere on the first day and walking into the nice lobby
  • Walking from my room to the main building first thing in the morning when the grounds are absolutely gorgeous
    -The sound of the horse hooves from the carraige ride the circles the resort

You will have a great time!


Wow…what great descriptions! Thank you!


TIPS: For a room close to the main building/food court, ask for the Oak Manor (mansion) or Alligator Bayou buildings 14, 15 or 18. For a room close to the main pool, (Ol’ Man Island), ask for the Arcadian House or Magnolia Terrace (mansions) or Alligator Bayou buildings 27 or 38. The closest buildings to the bus depots would be the Arcadian House and Magnolia Terrace or Alligator Bayou buildings 24, 34 or 37.

This is from one of the web sites that I use when selecting a room


We stayed at Acadian House and it was a beautiful walk each morning over to breakfast and busses.


I just stayed there last week. We were in building 39. It may have been close to a satellite pool, but it was far from the center of things. It actually reminded me a lot of Caribbean Beach. For those who like moderates, POR is a good choice. For those like me who have been spoiled, for longer stays, there’s nothing like one of the deluxe resorts that are within walking distance to a park. however, for one day stays, mods are fine with me.


Anyone else?? Does anyone have any pictures to share?


We stayed at POR last December, we loved it! We had a pool right outside of our room, which was quite a blessing with the boys. I am going to search for photos!


Me and my family have stayed there for a couple of years in a row and loved it!:wub: All the different room views we have had have all been beautiful. ( We even liked the parking lot view!:ohmy:). It has many beautiful details and all of them are lovely. we took a walk around the Allligator Bayou once or twice and found different and beautiful things about it both times!

I hope you have just as a wonderful time on your vacation as i did!:happy:


POR is our second ‘home’ we stayed first in Alligator Bayou then Magnolia Bend then Oak manor and I love them all we will be there in 3 weeks time (3 weeks tomorrow) can’t wait


We stayed at POR last year and loved it!! Our room was in the Magnolia Bend section. It was a short walk to Old Man Island and a little longer to the hotel lobby w/ Boatrights and the food court. We ate our first night at Boat rights and it was great. My sons tried out jambalya and gumbo for the first time. You can not go wrong with the Disney Meal plan. The bus transportation was fine. It just got a little tedious at night since the bus services POFQ also. Don’t wait to the last minute to catch a bus home from te resort. the staff was wondeful and we had no problems. Oops they did for get to get my luggage when I was ready to leave but I reported it to a cast member and he grabbed a golf cart and took off!! I would have no problems with staying here again but we are trying a new resort each time we go so this year it is CB.