Tell me everything about the portorleans riverside rooms


There are going to be 3 adults and 2 kids in one of the rooms. Should we bring an air mattress?


How old are the kids? Could you do 2 adults, one child in one bed and one adult and one child in the other?

Or…book a room in the Bayou section. They have two double beds plus a daybed. Then you can do 2 adults in one bed, one adult/1 child in the second bed, and the second child on the daybed.

IMO, I think you should go with the Bayou room at POR with the daybed. Forget bringing the air mattress.


We just came back from POR and loved it. We stayed on the Alligator Bayou side, very sheltered, shaddy walk ways, almost jungle like, little blue salimanders and at night watch for the frogs. So much so that you don’t see a lot of the other buildings on this side, it has a quiet private feel. Some of the rooms on that side have trundle beds under one of the doubles, allowing you to sleep 5. It is really just a small platform on casters with a matress, good for a child but not large enough for my hulking teen boys. Our group had 3 rooms and all had the trundle but the literature says “some” so make sure you ask.

If you want to be close to the Lobby/food court ask for one of the buildings in the teens - 14-18, we were in 25, not too bad but a bit of a walk. The resort is very large. Look to the map to find your way the first few times, the building numbers do not seem to follow intuitively, I got lost for a few moments.

The Magnolia Bend side is beautiful in a different way, manicured lawns, that old southern mansion flavour. I don’t believe they have the trundle beds on the Magnolia Bend side though.

Kids loved the SeaRaycers, the river was fun for them to explore, carraige rides and 2/4 person bikes were on our to do list but didn’t make it to the top. Food court, as at all WDW resorts, can be a madhouse but the variety and quality I found very good, loved the grilled veggie sandwich & home made spiced chips and the chicken strips are to die for (if you can believe it). And the staff work so hard.

Heard lots of complaints prior about the buses but I must say, we had no problems. We’re pretty easy going I guess.

Any other questions, just ask.


If you can not get a room in the Alligator Bayou section, then I think you will have to bring an air mattress, unless one of the children will be sleeping in a crib.


don’t they have roll-a-way beds that you can use… i thought i saw that somewhere that they offered them if needed…


I think you are going to be crowded with a roll a way bed, I would try to get a room with the trundle bed. I would also ask for building 14 or 18.
Its a great resort, Piano Bob is loads of fun.


do they have many rooms with the trundle beds? i know many of the FT wilderness cabins have them, but i did not realize the other hotels had them as well…


Everything? EVERYTHING?? :eek:

Well, if you insist. To begin with, practically everything in the Riverside rooms are made of atoms. I suppose we’ll have to work our way up to molecules from there, with a completely detailed listing of each and the proportionate number per room of each kind, and then on to the physical objects in each room and how many atoms each one contains. Then…

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Well, everyone basically said everything, but I’ll chip in with my thoughts…

You’ll LOVE them! :wub: :mickey:


Just remember it’s easier to bring an air mattress and not use it then not bring it and regreat it during the whole vacation.


Here’s everything you could ever want to know about Port Orleans Riverside! Happy reading!

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