Tell me how good Ohana is


there will be 8 of us all adults in early thirties. Our PS is for 8:20pm should we schedule earlier for fireworks. I would like to watch them after we eat not from the restaurant. Also I am toying with canceling this but is the food that good? I had to restrain myself and we are only doing 2 ps. ohana and le cellier. I am trying to let the trip take us where it does which is killing me


Ohana is a must in my book. We try to schedule around the fireworks also. The beach at the Poly is a perfect place to watch them, you may not get perfect viewing from the restaurant.


If you call WDWdining they will be able to tell you what time the Wishes starts. It took us about an hour or so to eat at Ohana so remember extra time to get to the beach or where ever you want to view it. We love the food there and are have a PS this Fri!!! can’t wait!!!


PLEASE DON’T MISS O’Hana…you will regret it!! It is AWESOME and you will love every tasty bite!

You may want to go to and see what time the fireworks are that night, so you can be for sure of the time. Allow at least an hour and half to eat.


You will love O’hanna’s. I tried it on my last trip and am now making it a part of every trip. The food is excellent and the atmosphere a plus! Try to schdule enough time to eat if you plan to watch the firewors from the beach instead of the restaurant. You may want to try an earlier PS. LeCellier is another one of my new favorites.


Ohanna’s is a must see at least once per trip, the only thing I will comment about is if you do not care for kids try and ask for a seat away from the race course or you might get run over by a cocconut nut or two. We love watching the kids so we don’t mind being on the edge of the race course.

We wish there was a place around here that is half as good as Ohanna’s.


Our family loves 'Ohana. Tons of great and relatively healthy food. The CMs were terrific and so was the atmosphere. From what I remember it does take a while to eat, there is so much stuff going on and there were different courses. I would probably schedule and earlier PS. It’s better to have a nice relaxing meal than having to rush out to catch Wishes. If you are looking for an intimate or quiet dining experience this would not be my first choice, but, if you are looking for a fun time it’s perfect.


cannot agree enough with the others. Ohanas is FANTASTIC!!! Food great, setting amazing and the staff are out of this world! DH and I honeymooned at the Poly back in 2000 and this was also the fisrt time that we had dined at Ohanas too and we have been regulars to the restaurant ever since. ( for both dinner and Breakfast).
You just have to go, even if its just for their Banana and Pineapple breads!

Have a great time :happy:

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I know that folks just LOVE this restaurant but … our dinner here was TERRIBLE. We were stuck with possibly the WORST waiter on Disney property. He fussed at my girls about not liking the shrimp until they (literally) cried–and this was on our first night there. Welcome to Disney girls! :glare:

He did not bother to let us know that children’s meals were available until it was time for dessert when he rudely asked why I was letting them have dessert when they didn’t eat their dinner.

Our service was slow. Our food was dry and overcooked. We were not in the “main” dining area with everyone else even though the restaurant was not busy. It was like we were forgotten. And then, when we were remembered, we were wishing he would just go away so that we could eat and leave as quickly as possible.

You may have better luck–and I hope that you do. It’s very expensive for what you actually get.


Thanks everyone for your responses I think we will definitely try it. I am trying not to act like this is my last supper lol :mickey:


Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience at O’hana’s. Like the majority, it’s one of our favourite restaurants. It’s so annoying that CM’s like that can ruin what should be a wonderful experience. We had the same situation at California Grill and no matter how many people rave about it, I have nothing but bad feelings and won’t go back. Cindy - congratulations - you have chosen two of the best restaurants in WDW - (IMHO). Hope you enjoy them both.


Wow, what an awful server! Time to talk to the manager, perhaps…What a drag! I’m sorry too you had such a bad experience there.

We LOVED O’hanas!!! The food when we were there was fresh, juicy, and DELICIOSO!!! We haven’t stopped pining for it. They printed the recipe for the Coriander Chicken Wings (one of the mixed appetizer platter that’s part of the meal), that we just couldn’t get over. We made it at home…Almost as good!

We were seated well off the racecourse (the main walking aisle amidst the tables, pretty obvious where it is just from looking), and were glad to have some relative quiet and privacy. It’s great to watch the chefs working over the giant flaming firepit, too!

Last year was our first time there, and it is now irrevocably on our Must-Do list for restaurants at WDW! We loved it that much! --And we’ve been to most of the sit-down restaurants in WDW, for comparison. What a great place!


We love Ohana’s, both the character breakfast and dinner! The food is great! Never had a bad experience there.