Tell me I'm not crazy!


In the Great Movie Ride didn’t they do another scene where the vehicle is taken over by a cowboy instead of a gangster? Do they only run the two scenes when the parks are busy?


Yes, we have gotten both versions although I am not sure why one over the other.

In terms of your sanity… no comment. :laugh:


You are not crazy, I went on it 2 years ago, and had forgotten about the cowboy scene… We went through the gangster scene with no person, and my husband looked at me, wondering what happened… Then, we got into the western scene, and had a shootout at the saloon… I think that these are the only 2 scenes… We saw it in October… I think…


Yep. Sometimes you will head through one into the 2nd before the CM gets kicked out of your car by a bad guy.


For some reason they do the gangster scene more often. On our last trip we asked if we could wait for the cowboy scene and they let us wait to the side for the next tram. We ended up being in the front seat for the cowboy scene.

I asked afterwards about the 2 scenes and the CM confirmed they try to mix them up, but the gangster scene is the one the do the most.

Just ask and you shall receive a cowboy scene if the mood strikes.


Omgosh! I never knew there was a gangster eiposode! Every time we’ve done this ride it was a cowboy.


HAHA! :laugh: yes there is a cowboy scene and I like both


We had the cowboy scene last week and it was the first time I had seen it in years!


We were in the front car for the gangster scene the 1st time we did this ride and DD (who was then 6 I think) FREAKED out! the gangster broke character to whisper to her that it was ok and he wouldn’t hurt her. He even warned us to cover her eyes when we got to the alien part!


I haven’t done it that many times (no more than 4?) and am pretty sure I did see both versions.
But I’m sure in the end it’s a coin flip and the winds of chance which you’ll get.


We rode this probably 4 times and saw the cowboy scene only. I thought this was just it. Then I read somewhere about the two different ones. So the last trip, I asked the CM if we could do the gangster one, and we were in the cowboy line AGAIN! So she had us step aside and we got the next ride. Truthfully, I liked the cowboy one better!


Yeah I thought I heard that they always run both the cowboy and gangster at the same time and its something like every other car gets one or the other.

I could be wrong but that is my understanding.



Awwwww… I love that! What a nice guy. :heart:


They do it both ways and on the same day. Maybe they flip a coin at the beginning of the day and decide which was to play the roles OR maybe it depends on which CM is scheduled for the time frame you are there and what they are trained to do? Not sure…it’s a mystery:ph34r:


We’ve ridden this countless times as it’s DD’s favourite ride. We have had both pretty often, and I always felt it was just how it was on that particular car ride or day. Both are good- I think I like the gangster best - they do the ‘Joisey’ accent ( or try to!)


It’s most definately a try:laugh: Southern Jersey and most of Central Jersey don’t actually talk like that. It’s the Jersey in the North who think they are part of New York. A South Jersey accent is more Philly accent which is similar, but different to NY. I know you didn’t ask for a tutorial on NJ accents, but I felt like telling you.:laugh::laugh:

Jersey is a weird state. South Jersey is more like a small Philly and North Jersey is a small NY. Central Jersey is on their own with no big city to identify with. As long as people don’t think I am one of those idiot women from Jerseylicious, I am fine.:laugh:


We noticed this summer that in actuality, both were happening at once. Our car had one scene while the car in front of us in the next room had the other scene simultaneously happening for them. We knew it as our in laws were in the car right in front of us and it was a shock that we had never thought of it before that it was the trick behind which scene you got.


Our 1st visit to “HS” (MGM) was in Oct 98 right after AK opened. We rode GMR, it’s one of my fav’s. So far i’ve only seen the Ganster one (8x’s). Hopefully i’ll see the Cowboy one some day.


I never realized until my last trip that there were two different versions! I had only seen the gangster one before. I liked the gangster one best, but will request the cowboy one for my boys on our next trip since they’ve never seen it