Tell me what months you prefer


As some know, I just got back on Saturday. Well I’m already planning the next trip. Mentally for now, hopefully in reality through WDW by Feb 2011.

Dh and I were thinking we’d head to the Poly for a few days, say anywhere from 3-5 days, in the spring by ourselves. Just so we could do what WE want, not what THEY want. Is there a better time for crowds and prices in the spring? Have there been any deals in the spring?

Then, we are thinking about trip #2. Dh wants it in the fall to coincide w/ Hurricane Days and a weekend so the kids won’t miss any school. This trip it would most likely be all 5 kids at POFQ or POR and would be about 4 days. If we left the youngest home again we’d consider a different mod resort too. I know Disney has some discounts normally going on each fall so I’m not really worried about that.

If we had to skip the spring trip (we’re planning a remodel of the kitchen at some point at this time) then we’d upgrade in the fall to Poly or Contemporary, with a possible Wilderness Lodge. The thought of the price is making dh pukey :blow: lol.

In the end, are there any time frames to avoid? Or any that are a MUST? I am still awaiting the school calendar for next year before I start circling dates as possible times to go. We have never gone in the spring or fall so this is new territory for me.

Any info would be great. We’re still bouncing it around and toying with the idea of 2 trips next yr. It really depends on dates and when I’m done w/ school. We’re really stepping out of our comfort zone here, possibly a different resort, no kids, then all 5 w/o g-parents holding hands while we ride, etc. :blink: The more info the better, I have to finish sweet talking dh into this whole business. :biggrin::whistling


My DD and I have always liked late September or anytime in Oct., then your kids can go to MNSSHP, which is absolutely awesome. Candy and costumes. Who can beat that?


I totally agree!


We really like May. 2007-2009 we went in May. We go early to mid-month, before kids are out of school, and it’s not so crowded and not super hot. The only other time we’ve gone is at the end of August. It was hot and busier, but not extremely busy. But last year when we went in August, we left just 6 days before all of the Halloween stuff came out and we were so bummed. That’s why we are planning something for next Sept./Oct., unless we just do a Disney cruise instead of splitting our time.


January, February, April after Easter, early May before the love bugs, October, November, early December.


We have become fans of May … Early May to be exact. It’s really not too crowded and the weather is just right.


May 3rd is my b-day, wonder if I can sway him this way. :wink::angel:


Early May and mid-November for us. Until my work schedule changed, we were able to to usually swing a May getaway for a few nights. That is no longer possible, but like Wall said, it really is a good time to go, for exactly the reasons he noted.

We try to plan for the 2 week period right before Thanksgiving for our main trip. If we’re lucky, we get to catch a bit of the Food & Wine Festival, but this isn’t a must. What is a must is making our escape right before the Thanksgiving week crowds descend. Our final night ritual consists of one last stroll through the MK, and the shared agreement that we’re getting out of Dodge just in time.


I agree with those who said early May. All the trips I’ve taken in early May have been the best. The weather is warm but not unbearably hot and the crowds didn’t start to get too bad until our last day. Overall it was a great time to go. :happy:


my months are april and oct…have never been there at christmas,but I feel that would be a special experience…


We went in January in 2005 and it was freezing. I mean, bring-a-winter-jacket-and-shiver-in-the-drizzle COLD! I will never go at that time of year again. Maybe it’s because we live in MN, but a vacation in the cold is no vacation at all to me!


OCT F&W. “Usually” weather is perfect. Not hot at all but still warm enough to swim. Fall decor’ is up, crowds are lower. Only prob with April is running into a lot of spring breakers.


Jan, Feb, March although you have low crowds you run the risk of it being cold or Sept or Oct.


Being from WI, we prefer “winter.” We love leaving the Wisconsin winter behind for a warm, sunny vacation and just can’t justify leaving a warm or sometimes hot summer to go to a hotter, more humid place. We considered going in August and the more we thought about it the more we realized it was a crazy thing to do. We’ve been there in December and March and love them both.


Early January for the crowds, early October for the weather.


I really like early May or Oct.


October is my favorite month. The weather is perfect (nice and warm but not too hot), the crowds are very manageable, and the Food & Wine festival as well as MNSSHP are both running.


My favortie time to go - in order

  1. third week of January
  2. last week of october
  3. first week of february
  4. last week of august


We LOVE October. This is our 2nd trip and we are so excited, but it will probably be our last since it takes so many days right at the beginning of the school year from the kids. We are thinking about May from now on. Which we have done before and we have loved it as well!


Thanks for all the month ideas guys. I’m thinking May and possibly Sept/October. It will have to be early October if we’re going to pawn it off as a 3rd b-day trip for the littlest Monkey. But we shall see…