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OK, I’m about to book a WDW trip for 9/23/06-9/30/06. I’m going with a moderate, probably CBR, and including 6 day Magic Your Way park passes with Park Hopper, water parks, and Pleasure Island. There will be 3 of us (adults) staying in one room and the price I was quoted through AAA is $1867.

Now, if anyone has any tips or suggestions, please fire away. I’ve been to Disney probably 10 times or more in my life (first time I was 10, 25 yrs ago) so I’m not a noobie but I haven’t been since '00. I usually stay off property since my family has time share (can’t get any for those dates) so I want to make sure I’m getting a good deal.

Thanks in advance.

P.S One person will be flying and two of us will be driving (7 hour drive).


I can’t honestly tell you whether that’s a good deal or not - since we’re DVC members, so we go that route - but I just wanted to say Welcome! I love your avatar!


Hi and welcome to DC !!

It’s sounds like a really good price to me.


AAA generally gives you 10% off of Disney Travel Company’s prices, so it is definately less expensive than booking through them. I book all my Disneyland trips through AAA because of good prices. They also (at least in the case of DLR) throw in some extras like coupons for discounts at Downtown Disney stores and dining establishments. On our last trip we also got vouchers for priority seating for shows.

And welcome to DC! :tongue:


That sounds about right. Disney will sometimes put put room only codes or offer a special rate on a package so it pays to keep an out on DisneyCentral or MouseSavers. I always book the resort I want and if any special rates come out I apply the code to my reservation.


Hi there and Welcome to DC! Sounds like a decent price to me too!


Thanks, guys. I think we’re going with it. Since there’s 3 of us, it only comes to $622/person and I don’t think that’s bad at all.

I like the Magic Express idea, too, since one person will be flying in to Orlando from NJ. That way I won’t have to worry about being there to pick him up.

My wife is just loving it since 9/29 is her birthday. She’s already trying to decide what restaurant she wants to eat in.


Welcome, and CUTE doggies!


Welcome. I think that price is pretty good. I got 5 night value 4 people dinning included for $1900.00 I would suggest dinning plan…


^I lived in West Deptford for 4 years, '96-'00. Lived in Red Bank Run. Born and raised in NJ.

Anyhow, I thought about the dining plan but I never decide what I’m doing until that day. I’ll probably do what I usually do: eat 3 or 4 times at Disney restaurants and the rest off property.


We’re REALLY good at restaurants…


LOL, we really are, aren’t we Llama?

Welcome to DC!


Booked it today for CBR. Supposedly, AAA gives you some kind of special parking pass for the parks if you decide to drive. Considering the size and scope of CBR, I probably will at least a couple of times.

Another thing I like is how they have your passes waiting for you at the resort. A little story: We went to Orlando for a week in '98 (stayed at time share). The inevitable happened: Left our park tickets home, had to turn around at the WW bridge toll, and made it back 10 minutes before departure but no way we could’ve made it to the terminal in time. We were lucky, the flight was delayed an hour. Yes, it was my responsibility to bring the tickets (BAD Eric) so I’m thankful I won’t have to worry this time.

I do have a question: What is the best restaurant for steak or seafood in Disney? Money is not REALLY an object but I don’t want to break the bank. We were reading through the “Unofficial Guide…” tonight and my wife likes Shula’s, even though it’s not really Disney. I like her enthusiasm since, what’s better than steak and football? Bottom line is, 9/29 is her birthday so it’s ladies choice.


Welcome! I scanned thru all this quickly and I didn’t see any mention of the dining plan. Definitely see if you can add it, especially since you have trying great restaurants on your mind already.


Le Cellier in Epcot is a great steak place.


I am from national park originally…small world.


Welcome to DC!

Yes CBR is a huge resort but easy to get around. They have an internal bus should you not be close to OPR (Olde Port Royale). Try to request a room in Jamaica or Aruba. They are a short walk to OPR across the bridge and yet far enough away for a little quiet. If you would rather pay a little more for a closer room, request Trinidad N. or Martinique. You will also be able to see some of the fireworks from EPCOT and part of the lazer show from MGM too.

If you do wind up with a car, you get free parking being you are a Disney guest, but AAA spots are closer to the park entrances. You are going to be really close to EPCOT, MGM, BW, DTD and TL. Once you get a feel for the area, it is soooo easy to navigate your way around.

Have fun planning.



Yeah, I’ll have my car because we’re driving. I really like the AAA parking idea at the parks. That should be great.

BTW, I’m going to request Jamaica 45. Looking at the map, that seems like a good spot.


A big welcome to DC from one Jersey born to another! You’ll love CBR. We stayed there last year for the 1st time and it was beautiful. We booked thru AAA and got “preferred” location in Trinidad North. A 1 minute stroll to the small pool (which was almost always empty) and a short 5 minute walk (if that) to OPR and the main pool. The bus system was great. Have fun!


Welcome to DC! Le Cellier is a great place to eat. I love the picture of your dogs! :mickey: