Tell me where to eat!


I now am going to get the dining package.
I love sea food, my husband does NOT, kids love everything , my mom too.
Where can I GET GREAT FOOD and get every penny of the dining plan.
Question two— Where are the best counter service meals also.:wacko: :wacko:


Oooh! I love telling people what to do! :laugh:

I really need a macro for this, but…

For Counter Service, I :heart: Tangierine Cafe. In the Morocco section of the World Showcase. Get the Lamb & Chicken combo Schwarma platter- you won’t be sorry! (I wish I could go there now! My current lunch plans seriously pale in comparison. :dry:)

As for TS, I highly recommend Artist Point. For a seafood lover, you cannot go wrong with the Braised Penn Cove Mussels for an appetizer and the Cedar Plank Salmon for your entree. That’s probably my favorite meal EVER. And there are a LOT of other choices for your hubby. There are a lot of good choices out there, and meals that you will enjoy, but if we’re talking about actual great food, then Artist Point is it for me.


We are leaving WI for WDW on Thursday!! So many places to eat and enjoy…I love the Garden Grill at the Land Pavillion in Epcot. It often gets mixed reviews here, but it offers good meat, fish, chicken in a family style service. The food has never disappointed me there. Spoodles was great. So many places at Epcot, you can actually try food from around the world. We are going to have dinner in the Castle Thursday night. Hopefully we will be there for the fireworks, too. Going to try FlameTree Barbecue at the Animal Kingdom this year. Was good two years ago. I didn’t care for Boma that much, but Artist Point was wonderful. Enough, I"m getting hungry. Enjoy and experiment. Try different places and give a review here.


You know it mught be easier to tell you where not to eat!!
Our family loves breakfast at the Crystal Palace. Le Cellier @ Epoct rules, Chef Mickey’s ,Whispering Canyon @ WL, Boatrights@ POR, Sci Fi Drive in at MGM. We eat our way through Disney World!!


So many choices and I can honestly say we’ve never had a BAD meal. Spotty service in some places and food might be better than others. Overall, we’ve found all the WDW choices to be above average (at least against your local TGIF/Applebee’s/etc).

We like: Spoodles (it has it’s own thread here somewhere), Le Cellier (you’ll get your money’s worth on the DDP here), the San Angel Inn.

Have fun making your picks! :pirate:


We liked the Clam Bake Buffet at the Beach Club Resort. It was really good that night. I know that there are a few people who didn’t really like it, but it is good.
And no, I am not just living at a Lake, I am from an island in the North Sea and I do know seafood. It was good when we went.

Don’t miss breakfast at the Crystal Palace. It’s a hoot.


i agree with the tengerine cafe for CS. for TS, wolfgang pucks is an excellent choice, and has a great selection…


Here are my suggestions:
Ohana…they have seafood and lots of meat…yummy…
Rose and Crown, just a personal favorite!
Liberty Tree, this is a character meal in the MK…very good
Chef Mickey’s, again another character meal and a right of passage for all Disney fans
Le Cellier, a real special treat…ive never been but i dont think i have ever heard a bad word about this place
Rainforest Cafe, I like it, and another good place for the kids
50’s Prime Time, good home cooking…and fun atmosphere!
Boma, I cant say enough good things about Boma…to sum it up…It’s a flavor explosion

Tangerine Cafe in Morrocco…for the adventurer…lots of yummy…interesting things
Pescos Bills…another WDW right of passage.


thanks everyone but are all of these resturants in the dining plan?


Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles! Spoodles!


Ignore the man behind the obnoxious red curtain… :ph34r:

Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2006 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

That’s an easy-to-browse list of everything on the dining plan.

Everything everyone has mentioned so far is on the dining plan, some places are two TS credits per meal.


Spoodles is only ONE TS credit, and ohhhhhhhhhhh sooooooo goooooood!


I’m guessing you kinda like spoodles!
I’m also getting your from Chicago?


Le Cellier, certainly. Your one meal there will cost more than the entire dining plan for the whole day!! Plus, the food is great!! You must try the beer-cheese soup–yum!!!


Here are my favorite table service places:
LeCellier at Epcot
Whispering Canyon at wilderness lodge
Momma Melrose at MGM STudios
O’hanna at the Polynesian resort
Chef mickey’s at the Contemporary
Crystal palace at the magic kingdom

Favortie Counter Service:
Starlight rays’ at the magic kingdom
abc commissionary at the MGM studios

I really don’t eat many lunches at the parks or use the counter services there that often. I usually take a break mid-day and have lunch using my resort’s food court.


I’m going to forgive this comment. :tongue:

Yes, I love Spoodles.

I also love da Bears, but I live smack dab in the middle of nowhere. No traffic. No cable TV. Just deer and coyotes as neighbors.

I would also recommend:
Chef Mickey’s for a Character meal
Le Cellier


My favourite counterservice is The Seasons Food Court in The Land Pavillion in Epcot - really several notches about “regular” counterservice. (The grilled salmon w. mashed potatoes and olive tapinade is wonderful).

After many years of getting terrible reviews, Coral Reef must have changed something, because we had a fantastic meal there. For non-seafood lovers, the prime rib looked excellent.

LeCellier is hands down the best restaurant at WDW

Earl of Sandwich at the Marketplace is great!