Temporary Tattoos


Hello all…has anyone who’s been to WDW in the last few weeks remember seeing temporary tattoos of Stitch, and, if so, WHERE??? Thanks for your help!:mickey:


The best place to search for that would be at Stitch’s ggreat espcape’s store outside the attraction or at the World of Disney store at DTD…maybe even the huge store at Epcot (can’t remmeber what it’s name is, but it’s HUGE…can’t miss it) those stores are more likely to carry them if any do at al.


Do you mean where you can buy the tattoos to take home, or to have one put on?

Because I remember somewhere in AK, I think in The Oasis, there was a stand where you could have temp tattoos put on you or your child.


There was a temp. tattoo stand in MGM near Pizza Planet when I was there in the spring. They had all sorts of tatoo’s.


Thanks to all for your help! We leave in 9 days and I’m sure once we get there we’ll come across them - we’ll be sure to hit all the places you’ve been kind enough to suggest! Happy Halloween!!


They gave us a bunch of free ones when we checked into BWV this year. My Ariel just wore off. Ask at your resort when you check in. Maybe they’ll have some.


Do they give them out at OKW? I want an Ariel tat…maybe if you good, I’ll mail you one…lol


They have them by the pool at Pop Century.


Places like this typically stay open like 10am til 4pm, so be sure to try and hit them between those hours. DD wanted to get her hair wrapped and we kept hitting that part of the park wrong each day for several days! Just thought I’d give you a heads up!


I’m not sure - we checked into OKW after midnight and no one was too “magical” just then.:laugh: Sarah asks everyone for stickers, etc. and they always give them to her. I think you just have to ask.


My sister got a stitch tat in May in AK. I think each of stands has most of the characters.


I love the idea of temporary tattoos! I want them at home now… something tough, like a skull & crossbones for Halloween… that just washes right off the next day! LOL


DS got a Stitch one by our pool at ASM this past May at the start of our trip and one (also of Stitch) at the end of our trip in DTD. I think they were $7.00 each, not to bad considering we were there for almost 2 weeks and the first one stayed on for about the first 9 days or so!:happy: They have a large selection for you to pick from.


i saw them in AK…there was a booth right by pizzafari in africa.


MouseGear is the store in Epcot you’re talking about


i got one of the airbrushed ones. it was supposed to last 2 weeks, and i think i lasted 3 days. you are better off with the regular temp ones, not the airbrushed ones that run 15$.


I think lotions take them off quicker too, so avoid that to make them last. My Mickey lasted over a week, but I avoided lotion like the plague!


Thanks for the info! We leave Sunday and plan on heading to DTD for dinner so we’ll be sure to look for them…whereabouts were they, if you remember!!! This trip is all about Stitch - we have a blue Chihuahua with a crazy hyper streak and huge ears who we named after Experiment 626 - this is the first time we’ve been to Disney since we got him so we want all the Stitch souvenirs we can find!:happy:


my problem was that i had it put on the side of my leg. i think it can off sooner because it rubed against sweatpants and pajama pants…


I bet that you can get one any where that there’s a temporary tatoo booth set up. Or outside of one of the gift shops.