Tender Q


I read something about a ticket needed to ‘tender’ at Grand Cayman. We have an excursion booked, do we need to go to the assigned area onboard to get a tneder ticket??Or is our excursion ticket all we need??


Every time you get off the ship you will find it may be at a different location depending on docking conditions and even tides. (In Alaska the tides REALLY rise and fall. We left once time at low tide and got off the main deck and came back at high tide and the gangway was in the middle of the ship 2 deck lower.)

They will tell you where you need to go to get off. Tendering means the ship isn’t docked but you have to take a boat ride into shore. You’ll need your excursion tickets plus your id/passport.


If you have excursion booked, you will be told to meet in one of the lounges and then escorted to the tenders so no ticket is needed.


thanks for the answers!