Tennis at WDW


My parents are coming with us on our trip in Nov. To my dad a vacation just isn’t a vacation without playing tennis at least once a day.

I read that there are courts at the GF. Are there any others? Also, does anyone know if there is a tennis pro at the GF? He would need to find someone to play with and when he’s away he usually signs up for a lesson and just has a match with the pro.



Beach Club and Boardwalk each have tennis courts for their guests.


OKW has two courts. The best courts use to be at the Contemporary - where they did have a pro - but now that all the construction is going on at the Contemp., I don’t know if the tennis courts have been moved. If they have, I would think that there might be a pro at GF.


When we stayed at BW, our room overlooked the tennis courts, and there were never more than a couple of people out there! Such pretty courts, and nobody to enjoy them!


I’m guessin’ you have to be a resort guest to use the courts?? :mellow:


We’re staying at the Poly, so I’m guessing the GF courts would be the closest option. I think the Contemp. courts are gone now. I guess I’ll call the GF direct and see what they say.