Tentative ADRs


Hello Everyone,

This will be my first trip to the House of the Mouse in many many years. I am getting ready to make my ADRs and I need some honest opinions on my selections. I will be going for a week in January and I know I won’t get everything in that I would like but that just means I will have to go again! :laugh: Here are my tentative plans with the dining plan hopefully:

Dinner-Concourse Steakhouse

Breakfast- Ohana’s
Dinner-Le Cellier

Lunch-Peco Bills or Columbia House
Dinner- Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
(Pirates & Princess Party!)

Lunch-Flame Tree BBQ

Dinner- Celebrating a Birthday so we are going to try and go to Emeril’s (Has anyone ever been there?)

Breakfast- Kona
Dinner- Mama Melrose

Breakfast- Cinderella’s Royal Table (Cash)
Dinner- Liberty Tree Tavern

Lunch-House of Blues

Any suggestions are also welcome :pirate:


Awesome choices! I love Le Cellier! Went for lunch it was awesome. Liberty Tree for dinner was the best character meal I went to.

I went to Peco’s Bills and wasn’t crazy about their cheeseburgers (not as good as Pinocchio’s used to be). I went to Pinocchio’s this time and had the turkey panini…it was really good and they gave you light potato chips…not too salty and not alot of fat.


For someone who has been away from Disney for a long time, you sure know what you are doing. Your choices are right on the money, and you even picked the best time of year to go.

Welcome to MB, by the way, we’re here to help, but it looks like you don’t need it! :laugh: :tongue:


You choices sound wonderful!!! Did you consider Ohana’s for dinner if you don’t go to Emeril’s? Ohana’s is wonderful at dinner!!!


Hello and WELCOME PiratePrincess! You are in the company of many pro planners and fellow Disney fanatics, as well as several other Pirate Princesses. Glad to hear you are going back and it sounds like you’ve got a lot of great things planned! Where are you staying, did you consider the restaurants your resort offers? One of my favorites is Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and if you haven’t been in a long time this may be new to you. It’s GREAT!


Welcome to MB! Your choices seem fine, but we have been to the
Concourse and its ok, but there are much better steaks at WDW.
You have one of them with Le Cellier, but IMHO the Yachtsman
Steakhouse is even better. We just love Emeril’s, we were there in
July and will be doing both his restaurants (also the Thcop Chop) in
December. Enjoy!:happy:


Welcome to the Buzz!

I don’t think you should have too much trouble getting those ADRs. January is such a slow time - but I’d call asap. You’ve made some great choices!

My sister has been to Emeril’s at Universal and she said it was fantastic! That’s the closest to a review that I have.:laugh:


I L:heart: VE your choices!!! Any room in there for 'Ohana dinner??? That is one of my FAVORITE meals at WDW! I might even replace Concourse Steak House with 'Ohana, since you already have a steak house planned (Le Cellier). Might I add that Le Cellier is AWESOME! If you like filet mignon, DEFINITELY go for the Mushroom Filet. It HAS to be the best steak I’ve ever eaten!!!


Thanks everyone! I must admit I have been lurking on this board for a while and I have been reading all the great tips you guys have been putting out there. We are planning on staying at the Poly (which I am sooo excited about!!) so I was really debating whether or not to do the O’hana dinner. I am not that adventurous of an eater so we have kinda ruled out Boma although I will say I am curious. You guys are a wealth of information by the way and just so friendly!


If you’re staying at The Poly, you GOTTA try 'Ohana for dinner!!! It is DELISH…I am not really an adventurous eater, either. And I love it!


I love all your choices. I don’t care for concourse, but that is just my opinon. You should definately make them as soon as you can. It’s just one less thing to concern yourself with once you are at WDW. Welcome to Mouse buzz!!


I notice that you have Pecos Bills or Columbia Harbour House for an MK lunch. If it’s a burger you want - go to Pecos Bill’s. For anything else - Columbia Harbour House. Their tuna sandwich is amazing. And the fish 'n chips is pretty good, too.

Tusker House at AK is also very good, with an amazing rotisserie chicken dinner.


I agree, Llama. Pecos Bills has a good burger. And their fixins bar…YUM!!!

Tusker House also has a darn good chicken sandwich.


Excellent choices!!! :happy:

Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Welcome to you!!!

You have great choices and I agree with the others, definately do the O’hana’s dinner. DH and DS are very picky eaters and they enjoyed it very much!

Columbia House is were we always go for lunch in MK. Definately one of the best tuna sandwiches around. I only wish I could make mine that good and find that bread!!!

You will also love the HOB’s. We always make a point of eating dinner there on our trips.

Have a fun planning!


I will have to think about adding O’hannas. I debated whether or not to add it in the first place but some of the descriptions of the foods threw me off. It sounds like it is one of those places you have to try at least once! :laugh:


We’re trying it for the first time next month - and my husband is ‘iffy’ on it like you…I think he’ll love it when he gets there, though! :c)