Tentative Trip Plan


Woo Hoo!!! I am SOOO ready for a break. I’ve been MIA because of a project that should be done in May. So, we’re going to DisneyWorld!

Thanks to our APs, we’re going fo 4 days in June for about $1200 including airfare. Gotta LOVE JetBlue!

Oh man, I just realized that they have late nights now… are they on a fixed schedule like EE??? So much planning!!! An I have to update my countdown!!!

So here it is:

[li]Arrive Saturday Night
[/li][li]Sunday (MK EE)
[/li]Blizzard Beach!!! I’m assuming that it’ll be hot on June 19, so we’re going to the beach on Day 1.

Early Dinner at Porto Bello YC (our tradition)

Where to go after dinner??

[li]Monday (AK EE)
[/li]Animal Kingdom
We’ve never done Kali River Rapids and it’ll be cool to see how much progress they’ve made on Expedition Everest.

We’ll probably do Epcot for dinner, probably Le Cellier

[li]Tuesday (Studios EE)
[/li]I think we’ll sleep in and use the pool and head over to MK around noonish.

Dinner? Who knows? Open for ideas. Maybe the Calidornia Grille?

[li]Wednesday (Epcot EE) Last day :sad:
[/li]I think we’ll do rope drop for Epcot and then walk over to the Studios after doing Test Track, Soarin and M:S.

Does anyone think that trusting Disney’s Express is a good idea? Should We have Quicksilver pick us up right at the park and go directly to the airport?

It starts next month right? Has anyone heard how it’s going to work?

I’m so excited!!!


YAY Matt I am soooooo excited for you! You deserve a break!!! (And we deserve a trip report…hehe).

Gosh, I’m too tired to make any suggestions right now, but your tentative plan looks GREAT as far as I can see.

Using Magical Express is up to you, but in all honesty I think we’re waiting anxiously for someone to try it out. So there are a lot of us who would be thrilled if you did! LOL. Yes, it starts along with the 50th celebration…but if you feel concerned about trying to get in as much Disney fun as you can (since it’s not super-long trip) I might go ahead and just go with Quicksilver this time. :rolleyes:

Ack, like I said, I’m tired. :sleeping: I gotta stop blabbing while I’m behind.

I can’t wait to hear how your plans develop, and then I DEFINITELY can’t wait to hear how your trip goes! :biggrin:


Glad you had a chance to stop in Matt. We missed you.
Your plans sound great so far. Where are you staying?


Hey matt!! Good to have you back posting !!!

Where are you staying??

I debated with magical express since I first herd about it, but opted to go with Quicksilver. ME is a great idea, but I wanted maximum Disney time and a grocery stop, and the way ME works will be: to wait for a bus to fill up, then multiple resort stops, and no grocery stop! Just couldn’t live without that grocery stop for BEER!!
At least you are going after the ME is in full swing , so you should get some good first hand reports.


I am so excited that you get to go back. Your plans look great, a nice mix of park time and down time.

I am going to try Disney’s Magical Express. We are getting in later in the day and don’t have any plans. If it takes us an extra 30-45 minutes to get to our resort I am ok with that since all we are doing is checking in and going to bed… If I were getting in early and had plans to hit a park I would be a little more concerned.


Matt, it’s great to have you back again.:mickey: How exciting to be planning a trip after a lot of hard work!


You’ve been working so hard, you deserve a break at WDW. I am happy for you. The price is nothing to sneeze at either. I think that I would go with Quicksilver. You only have 4 days and no time to waste.


That is so awesome! Yep, those late night days are fixed, I believe!

It’s so nice to have you back. I bet you can’t wait for this break.

Where are you staying?

Does your family know?


Hey Matt, that trip sounds soo wonderul!! Let us know if you do use the magical express, we are planning on using it in December if it gets ok reviews.

Hope it is a wonderful trip.


Have a great trip, Matt! Sounds like you have it coming. I’m using the Magical Express in May. I’ll post on how it is. We’re getting there late enough in the afternoon that going to the parks probably won’t work anyway. ME does sound fun though. You are met by a costumed character, you don’t have to deal with baggage claim. The only thing that worries me is that the wait for the bus to fill up may take awhile. Anyway, I’ll let everybody know how it goes.


Same here. We are going on May 5 - May 13th and we are using the Magical Express so I will let everyone know how it went when we get back. We are arriving early in the morning but we’ll probably take it easy on Day 1 and do Downtown Disney and some quiet time at the resort.


Hey Matt!!!

How come it always seems our trips are within a couple of weeks of each others??? LOL :laugh:

Actually, I think this time we are going to be there at the same time as you!!! We are planning a birthday surprise for our DD, arriving the 16th (late) and leaving the 23rd!! Sounds like you have a great trip planned. This time we’re flying out of PVD though.

Maybe we’ll bump into one another!!! Have a great trip!


This was TOTALLY spur of the moment. I got an e-mail on Monday night about JetBlue’s spring sale… as low as $59/ticket out of Boston!!!

So, I started looking at days and there are still PLENTY of AP rates available for the Values. We’ll be staying at the Pop Century… because we LOVE the Pop Century.

Lauren, our trips will completely overlap. We’re arriving two days after you and leaving the day before.

No surprises this time. We actually had to discuss with the kids whether they’d prefer to to take off three days at the beginning of June or the last 3 days of the year. DS was concerned about missing final exams, so we opted for the last 3 days.

We’re SOOOO excited. I bought the plane tix last night! :mickey:


Congrats!! Sounds like a great trip – I’m a big jetblue fan myself! Have you signed up for their frequent flier program?



Now I have to learn the EMH schedule all over again…

For anyone who’s interested, here’s the general schedule (apparently, certain days can be changed)




Good to see you back, was wondering where you were. Very excited for you and your family on your upcoming trip. I am sure you all probably need it with work projects and exams.

With Magical Express, I am sure quite a few people will have experienced it before your trip so you can get some imput on it. Being it is will be run by WDW, it may or may not be a bad thing and some glitches should be worked out before you arrive. Hopefully in time for you to decide on whether to go Express or Quicksilver.

Have a blast planning.


Do Boma on Monday since you will already be at the AK.


ARRGGGHH!!! I had to re-do it because of the new EMH schedule. I also saw a link to a planning website which warned about crowds and which parks to see/avoid on particular days.

Here’s the update

____Pop Century
____Blizzard Beach
____Porto Bello YC______________________5:30 PM
__after dinner
____MGM @ evening (EMH)
____or Epcot for Fireworks if too busy
____Breakfast @ PC______________________7:45 AM
____MK Rope Drop________________________9:00 AM
____Plaza Restaurant____________________2:00 PM
____Rent Boats on the Lagoon?
____Dinner California Grille____________7:00 PM
__after dinner
____Spectromagic @ 9pm
____Wishes @ 10pm
____Pop Century
____Pool for the morning________________9:30 AM
____La Cantina (Mexico)_________________1:30 PM
____EP @ afternoon
____Marrakesh___________________________6:30 PM
__after dinner
____Pop Century_________________________7:45 AM
____Rope Drop for AK____________________9:00 AM
____???__________________________1:00 PM


Hey Matt!!!

We’re staying at POP until Sunday, when we move over to POR…meet ya at the pool!!! :laugh:


Sounds like a great plan!

Planning is almost as much fun as going, isn’t it!!?? :laugh: