Tentative Trip Plans


Okay…I told myself I wasn’t going to plan this trip out…I was just going to go with the flow. Well that lasted a few minutes…and then I got serious and freaked out…and now I have planned my days…So here is my loose and tentative schedule…I can still use a few PS suggestions (esp. on the Animal Kindgom Day 3)…so please suggest suggest away!

Day One:
Arrive at WDW
7:50 PS at Rose and Crown

Day Two:
Magic Kingdom

Day Three:
8 am PS at Breakfastasarus
Animal Kingdom

Day Four:
(Possibly a park in the a.m)
11:10 Ps at Chef Mickeys…
Off Day from Parks

Day Five:
12:30 PS at 50’s Prime Time…yes DisneyTeacher…he talked me into it…

Day Six:
7:15 Hoop Dee Doo

Day Seven:
Magic Kingdom

Day Eight:
Maybe a park in the A.M.
leave for south carolina…

we will probaly do some other EMH’s other than the first nite…but I havent planed those out yet…we usually play those by ear…and of course we’ll probaly hop from park to park during the day…but those are the “main” parks we’ll do that day…So you input is appreciated!


Yeah, right, not plan??? That’s what I said too, but you should see my spreadsheet now!!! :wacko:

I like the Rose and Crown on your first night (have you had the Apple Crumble?? I highly recommend it!). Why don’t you make a resort PS on your Animal Kingdom day – maybe Boma (you’ll be so close to AKL) or 'Ohana (my personal favorite) or Whispering Canyon Cafe. And you can always carve out some sort of PS at DTD – I’ve always wanted to try Portobellos!

Sounds like fun so far! And I admire you for not planning until 50 days out – I lost my resolve long before I hit 100… . :blush:


OMG it sounds perfect! :biggrin: I’m dying with excitement for you guys…it’s coming so fast!

I was going to say “where’s MGM?!?!” but then I realized you were waiting for SWW of course. :rolleyes: I might plan an extra evening in MGM just in case you guys don’t get to do everything you want to do there in one day (like Fantasmic?) OR maybe even do it briefly in the AM before your Chef Mickey’s PS so that when you head to SWW, you can enjoy all the little things instead of being so worried about hitting the attractions you want to.

Anyhoo, it sounds perfect as it is. You have a lot of time to enjoy everything this time, so I’m SURE you guys will have an absolute blast!!! (Take me, take me!) LOL


(New part to Cinderbella’s list)
Day Two:
MK (ride jungle cruise a bunch of times in baloo’s honor)…hehehe

J/K…sounds like a great plan…have a great time…I know you will! :slight_smile:


LOL I hope you like it and you get a good server who can read you and know how far to go with all the antics.

MK seems so limited in full service restaurants sometimes. You have CRT, LLT, Tony’s, CP, and the Plaza Restaurant. (Did I miss any??) We like the Plaza Restaurant because we can get a PS but yet we don’t leave so stuffed we can’t hit the parks hard again. We are trying Liberty Tree Tavern for the first time this summer for something new. I have heard nothing but good reports about that character meal.


Liberty Tree is good–we went there on our long weekend trip in March…we really loved the macaroni and cheese…of course we went for lunch so the characters weren’t there…but it was great just the same!


I suggest ohanas or even Cape may at the beach club for either day 2 or three I dont usually close down Ak so you could go back to the room shower change and then go to one of these those are two of my favorite restaurants in Disney or even Kona cafe ( love the breakfast ) tonga toast yummy


I HIGHLY recommend the character breakfast at AK… if you get an early enough PS, you can enter the parks earlier and get a jump on things :slight_smile:


We did that during our March trip…we LOVED it…hmm…maybe we should do it again…we were trying to do different things…but it’s very hard to find something that we both want to do…good idea!


Our first night will actually be our 2 year anniversary…we spent our 1st anniversary in Mexico…so why not in the “U.K” this time! Plus it’s our absolute favorite rest ever!!! Shrimp and Prawns…yummy…
I have never had the apple crumble…i LOVe the guiness chocolate
cake…hey empress jenny…it comes with a shot of guiness…hehehe! :ohmy:


Okay I misread… different things. Do you like the “lesser known” type things?

Now for AK, I see you have nothing really mapped out, so

  1. Look for “DeVine” a real human vine, usually “hanging around” near or behind the Tree of Life.
  2. Tusker House: sit outside on the back patio area when you eat and listen carefully. You can hear people upstairs who seem to be having trouble cleaning.
  3. Tamu Refreshment Stand: Behind it is a half wall where a meet and greet takes place. The paint is chipping and one area of chipped off paint is a hidden Baloo.
  4. Kali River Rapids: go on the bridge and find the buttons that allow the two elephants below squirt the riders.
  5. Dinoland Playground: Try to open the door.
  6. Try and find the talking shrubs at AK.
  7. see if you can locate “Wes Palm” (the walking palm tree)

*Hidden walkway in AK. Directions: Take bridge over to Harambe.
Turn Right. Turn left @ 2nd paved walkway.

*In AK, stand outside the door at the Dawa Bar. You’ll swear that you can hear dishes clinking, voices talking, a radio, as well as a persistent knocking. The story is that the landlady who runs the “hotel” above the bar is trying to collect the rent from the delinquent students who live there.
Across from the Dawa Bar is what appears to be an old fort. There are actually tables and chairs in there. “It’s the perfect quiet spot to take a cool drink or a snack and get out of the flow of traffic.”

Don’t know if this is a secret, but there are two perches(that I have seen) in AK where parrots can sometimes be found. One perch has green parrots and the other perch has red. Well, if you pull out your camera and try to take a picture of them they

will come over and “pose” for you. A friend spent several minutes taking various pictures of them. Once she put her camera away they turned away, but when she took it back out they came back over to “pose”.

I’m currently trying to make lists like this and compile them into one master list so I can point them out to those going with me and give the kids something to look for so they don’t get bored, not to mention I just like finding all those lesser known things :slight_smile:


Sweet… keep those tips and info coming. I love lesser known things. :smile:


Ok sorry, I should know this, but which dates are you going?


It’s okay…I dont expect people to keep up with EVERY detail of me life :wub: …we are going June 1st-June 8th Wedns. to Wedns…a full week in disney…i am so excited! :biggrin:


We did it…after long deliberation we added a PS at 8 am at Donald’s Breakfastasarus…which we love…and we can be done in time hit the rides early!!