Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining pictures


Here, take a look. I cannot wait to go and try these two
The sushi looks sooooo good.



Looks fabulous!


That looks so nice! I’ve never been, but always wanted to try it. Now I want to go even more!!!


looks smancy…


and fancy :laugh:


That’s what I said, but ghetto like…lol


fancy shmancy :wink: :laugh:


I’d put up photos on opening night, the restaurant doesn’t feel too fancy to me (but definitely slightly more so than before) :slight_smile: Some friends and I were supposed to go elsewhere, but I was glad that Teppan Edo opened earlier than announced. My favorite thing is the container the kids meals come in (a bullet train, though we thought it was a monorail). I don’t eat sushi, but I’d like to try the Tokyo Dining side soon.



I forget to stop by your site a lot, Denise. Why don’t you put a link to it in your signature? :wink:
It would help this old Dopey out a whole lot :happy:


:laugh: :laugh:


So does this mean it’s fancy schmancy?

Who cares, it’s probably still got that new building smell.

I predict we’ll dine there before the year is out.

(Great, I didn’t scroll all the way down)


If I know my husband and daughter, we’ll be going there in December. :laugh:


:tongue: We figured that out waaaayyyy before you :laugh:


That looks like ohhhhhh soooooooo gooooooooooooooooood!



First, here is my opening day Teppan Edo review: MouseSteps - Park Dining

I wouldn’t call the restaurant fancy, but stylish. Very beautiful colors, but I hope the CM’s don’t bow as much as they are doing now. After being bowed to 20 or 30 times, it started feeling really weird! (I must have been bowed to a couple of hundred times!!!) I spoke to a friend who was in Japan this year, and he said he wasn’t bowed to that much there. :slight_smile: It was just an accident that we made it opening night, I was delighted! There are minor food changes, but I can’t imagine enjoying Teppanyaki and not Teppan Edo.

As far as putting my site in the sig, I really can’t - because a large Disney message board offered me a section on their forum. If it happens, then each new entry will have a link to that site forum, so I’ll be pretty limited on what I can say and link to on other boards/websites. I’ll probably know tomorrow, I’m going to one of the meets (and talking with the guy who actually runs the board).

Anyway - as far as Teppan Edo, it’s a TERRIFIC restaurant and I highly recommend it. Not fancy schmancy, and I wouldn’t say that about Tokyo Dining either. :slight_smile: But definitely colorful.



OK. I gotta say WHEW!!!

When I wrote my TR in February, I imagine I left out the negative thoughts we had about Teppanyaki. There was a decided dinginess to the restaurant, with wet toilet paper on the floor of the bathrooms, peeling wallpaper, worn-out chairs at the tables, etc. It is easy to overlook that stuff at WDW, but you do kinda notice it if it is pertty obvious, right?

So now, after looking at those pics, I can say WOW! What a difference a few months can make! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

And that table by the front window? I think I may try to book it for a special dinner with DH next trip. We can send the kids over to ride Maelstrom while we linger over sushi and watch fireworks… while celebrating 19 years of marriage, or something like that?