Teppan Edo


We have a reservation for Teppan Edo for our November trip. Le Cellier was booked. Who has eaten here? I still have time to change it…any recommendations?


We are booked there for 12/1. Hope it is good. We have always walked past this restaurant and wondered if it was any good. The reviews say the food is good and the entertainment/atmosphere is great.



Well, if we don’t hear from anyone else I will let you know when we get back on November 18:cool:


We have a reservation there for teh Candelite Processional. I have never eaten there before either. I thought I hear it was like the old Teppanyaki Steakhouse. Is that right?


We ate at Teppan Edo last December and it was fine. You should like it, it’s a Benihana kind of place. I think we’re eating there next week, either there or Tokyo Dining, which is also good.


We ate there last December and thought it was amazing. We are going back there to eat this Christmas Eve. They sit you at a grill with I think 6 people. The food was really good and the way they prepared it was really cool.


Let me know how it is if you go next week!!:mickey:


We ate there in August, and it was SOOO good. I HATE onions, and I even ate the grilled ones they had, it was that good. It was more food than either of us could eat, and it really was good. You do sit around a large grill with up to 8 people, and they cook the food right in front of you.

It’s a great site for the Candlelight Processional, because it isn’t too far from the America pavilion.

Just a couple tips, get the shrimp cocktail appetizer, and skip the apple dessert.


We ate at Teppan Edo in September during free dining. There were eight people at our grill station. The cook put on a great show. We have a 6 year old and she like watching our chef prepare the food. They food was very good. Note: They do put sesame seeds on some items. We did not know that and my husband cannot have them.


We ate there a few weeks ago the food was so good in fact it is now our favorite place


I’ve eaten there several times and we really like it, even my really picky kids. They even did a special meal for my daughter because she is allergic to peanuts and soy and they made her meal with butter rather than the oil. Yummy.


This is one of our favorite places to eat on every trip. I hope you like it.


I am now looking forward to my meal there! November 14! Less than a month!!


you’ll love it Teppan is great!


We ate there shortly after it re-opened and it was just ok.
the chef was not very entertaining, and the food was just meeeehh.


[QUOTE=Dopey;895164]We ate there shortly after it re-opened and it was just ok.
the chef was not very entertaining, and the food was just meeeehh.[/QUOTE]

I agree with Dopey-it was just ok. I have had much better. It seems that the better reviews are after our experience there so maybe they have improved since the summer.


That is entirely possible. I hope so.


Buzz, I hope you are right and not dopey!


My daughter and I just went to Teppan Edo in late October and the food was good, the chef’s very entertaining and the atmosphere was very nice. We ate with two other families with very young children and they also seemed to enjoy the experience as well. It was a lot of fun to see your meal cooked and have a lot of fun at the same time.:laugh: