Teppan restaurant in Japan


I would like to try the Teppan restaurant in Japan for our upcoming trip, but I have a few questions:

My family is on the quiet side, so we have never done Whispering Canyon or Prime Time Cafe. Would we be OK here? It’s not that we’re antisocial, but DH and I get embarrased with attention drawn to us. I’m thinking WC or PTC would be out, but this would be OK for us. What do you think?

Can you watch Illuminations from here? What time should I make ADR’s?


I have never watched illumimations from this restaurant and I am not sure if it’s possible but this IS one of my FAVORITE WDW restaurants.

DH doesn’t like a fuss either and has never had a weird feeling here. You DO sit at the table with other people but it wasn’t distracting or uncomfortable. We were actually MORE uncomfortable at the Biergarten b/c there I feel more forced to converse and socialize with strangers. The teppanyaki chef really takes the attention and doesn’t cause you to feel too obligated to converse with the other family seated with you.

I love it, it’s DEFINATELY worth a try!


Teppanyaki? is located on the second level in Japan. There is a walkway going around to the front and yes you can watch Illuminations from there! If you time your ADR’s, you can probably watch from the restaurant. Joe


I didn’t know that you can watch Illumination from the Teppanyaki place, but since a few people here said so, I’ll go with it. =) Illumination at EPCOT usually takes place at 9pm… So I’d think anything between 8-8:30 is good (to make sure that you get the seating before Illumination starts…)


You can’t see Illuminations from Teppanayki Grill, it’s in the back of the building. The Sushi restaurant is in the front and overlooks the Lagoon, so you could see from there.


You sound a lot like me and DH- we’re not so much about the socializing. But while we haven’t been to Teppanyaki, we have been to other restaurants in that style and we’ve always enjoyed them. It’s more of a little show than an interactive experience.


Unlike WC or PTC, Teppanyaki is not an “interactive” experience. Rather, a very talented Japanese chef prepares delicious food at your table. It’s entertaining, but the attention is on the chef and is not loud or obnoxious like the above mentioned restaurants.


Lllama is correct- to see Illuminations, you can’t be in the Teppanayki Grill. On one of our first trips to WDW we had ADRs for Teppan (thinking we’d watch Illuminations through the window). We switched to the Sushi room in the front instead and were able to watch Illuminations out that window. During busy times, it may be difficult to get a table there… There are better viewing spots.


The unofficial guide says “An oriental arch slightly blocks your sightline, but this covered deck offers shelter if it rains.”

Are there tables on the deck?

I know the rose and crown has a better area, but the menu is doing nothing for me. Call me crazy - I know most everyone here loves it there. You’ll have to convince me!



I think they must be referring to standing outside at the Japanese pavillion. There is no way you would see Illuminations from the Grill itself - in fact, I don’t even think it has windows.

The Rose & Crown use to have some very good food, but it’s slipped in the past few years. One restaurant that you can see Illuminations from, but is never mentioned, is the Bistro de Paris (the smaller, more elegant restaurant in the France Pavillion (it’s above the Chefs de France). If you get a window seat there, you can see Illuminations. For more casual dining, if you can get a Lagoon edge seat at the Cantina in Mexico, (the counterservice), you can see from there - but be warned, people will try to come and sit with you at your table. :dry:


No tables on the deck.

The menu is basically steak and seafood grilled table side. If you like oriental food, this is delicious.


Hey, it’s time to take a walk on the wild side. Here’s a meal plan for being taken out of your comfort zone: 50’s Prime Time, Whispering Canyon (ask for ketchup), Hoop De Do Revue (front row only), the Teppan Restaurant…

Just kidding, Teppan is a blast and previous poster is right, all attention is drawn to the chef.