Teppanyaki not on Disney Dining Experience Card?


Uh oh … I have a problem. We were planning to take my in-laws next weekend to Teppanyaki in Epcot next weekend for Mother’s Day. Since I am kind of broke this week, I was planning to use my $75 of disney dollars, and get my 20% DDE card discount, and let my hubby pay the rest…

BUT I just looked on the Disney site and it appears they do not take the DDE card? :sad: Does anyone know for sure if this is correct?

As a standby, I think we can get a 10% AP passholder discount, but the website says it is only good for passholder and up to 3 add’l people. But since there are 6 of us who are AP passholders, do you think they will apply it to all of us and put it all on one check?

I just do not want to embarrass myself or my inlaws when I get there for my cheapness or be caught off-guard when we get our bill… :eek:


Well I just checked on AllEars and Teppanyaki is not listed on the list. Also be aware if you are going on Mothers Day, you can’t use the dining card at any restaurant that day.


Ginger is right. I know first-hand that Teppanyaki does not accept DDE. The restaurant is privately owned and has never agreed to be part of the DDE program. And, as Ginger said, you can’t use DDE at any restaurant on Mother’s Day anyway.

As for 6 of the people in your party having APs, I don’t see why the restaurant wouldn’t apply the 10 percent discount to everyone and put it on one check. You might try calling WDW-DINE and ask them.


There is nothing wrong in asking for discounts that you are entitled to.

IMHO resturants that don’t offer AP/DVC/DDE discounts should be ashamed. We are the repeat customers who are more likely to spend time and money in the nicer places, and we do it more often.