Teppanyaki on Dining Plan


Hi all,

Anyone recently gone to Teppanyaki using the dining plan? Are you allowed to order any entree, including the “specialties” ie lobster & steak?

Its one of our ADRs & DH asked me- I have no idea :crying: I’m just excited to get there!!!



All I can tell you is one of my friends came with us last month to Teppanyaki and she ordered steak and chicken on the dining plan (she was the only one in our group who had it). I don’t believe she had any restrictions as to what she could order, as she didn’t mention it.


I researched this myself. We are going for the first time in May. Can’t wait!!

There are NO restrictions.


You all inspired me to re-check out the menu. Now I’m hungry! Looks great.

But why would they ruin a perfectly good California Roll by adding mayonnaise?


I wonder the same thing.


YES! My husband had the lobster at teppanyaki and I had steak & chicken!!! It was probably one our our best meals of the WHOLE week!!! We will surely be eating there EVERY time we go to WDW, especially on the DP. It was SO MUCH food and SO good!!! It was a blast to watch the chef make little volcanos out of onion stacks and all those fun tricks too. But as far as the menu goes, I remember the only thing we couldn’t put on the DP was alcoholic drinks. Other then that the lobster, steak, chicken and EVERYTHING on the menu was NOT restricted!!!

Go! Go! Go! hehe.


Thanks so much guys!!! I am soooooo excited!!!


YEAH! This is one of our ADR’s on the dining plan too! I can’t wait!!!


Teppanyaki serves lobster? :biggrin:

I am sooooo glad I have the ADR on the dining plan!!!:wub:


This is one of my favorite restaurants in all of the World Showcase. I’ve never had the lobster though.

I may have to make a last minute ADR for Teppanyaki. :ninja:


In past trips, Lil’ and I read over the menues on allears to decide in advance what we would want to order at any FS restaurants we visit–it’s too keep meals in our budget. With the dining plan, we’ve simply selected restaurants were interested in visiting, not even worrying about the menu or prices. Teppanyaki has interested us because of the table side chef.

I’m so stoked about lobster!


The tableside chef that I had at Teppanyaki last time was much better and funnier that any I’ve had at similar resturants near home.

The beauty of the dining plan to me, is to not have to worry about the exchange of money after the meal. I think psychologically that’ll make a big difference, knowing that you won’t need to produce cash or plastic after the meal, and leaves you open to order freely.

I’m thinking about how much spending cash to bring on my trip now, and it’s going to be so much less that I’ll need to carry on me, now that I have the DP.