anyone been to the mexico pavillion recently - is the new tequila bar open?

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it says it will open summer - just curious if there is construction or if it’s up and going. Sounds like a ton of fun - we love the Sake tasting area in Japan & even though its been years since I have had any tequila not mixed in a margarita - I can’t wait for this bar too!

We had a tequila tasting at the mexican restaurant DH and i used to work at. :blink: it was…fun!


oooooooooh yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh- Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all over this one!


I saw “tequila” and just had to look into this thread. I am going to check out that link right now, babyyyyyy


Gotta love the nectar from that wonderful agave plant!


Sarah, As soon as I saw this thread I started singing the song!
So thanks for getting that stuck in my head! LOL :laugh:

It does sound like alot of fun…I’d be walking around Epcot and WS quite tipsy though!


Oh Fiddle!!! I saw tequila and instantly thought of my fav, frozen margaritas, YUMMY!!!

da da da da da da da da, tequila :laugh: :laugh:


da do :whistling do do do do :whistling do da
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you mean to tell me that there are other ways to walk around Epcot??:pirate:


Looking forward to this myself!:blush:


I think there was some kind of drink bar outside of Mexico. However, I was so distracted by bird poop all over the outside eatery. We had churros and a drink and had to avoid the birds and all their poop! Left me little time to check out if the drinks were alcoholic or not. Perhaps if I had a drink I wouldn’t have noticed all the poop! So not the Disney atmosphere!


you can get frozen margaritas but they are a bit on the weak side- however after a few tastings it might be a nice chaser :cool: :laugh: :pirate:


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor…

A 50-60 seat tequila bar sort of strikes me as odd for WDW. Don’t get me wrong, I love tequila :blush: and I know booze is served all over WS, but isn’t it true that there are no bar stools at Rose and Crown to discourage folks from planting themselves there too long and drinking too much? Isn’t a tequila bar contrary to that? Maybe I’m not reading this right and it’s not a lounge type bar, but more of a food outlet that offers lots of tequila? Does anyone know? No big deal to me if it’s actually a bar/lounge, but I’m just wondering if it is will it be the first of it’s kind in WS?


LOL like everyone else I just saw tequila and had to read the thread.


Guess there are more changes coming as well:

"Tequila toast
During a makeover of the ride in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, Disney also added 25 more seats to the San Angel Inn restaurant.

At the end of this summer, Debler will open a 50- to 60-seat tequila bar in a former retail shop, emphasizing the historical and cultural aspects of the classic Mexican beverage.

Major changes are planned for the pavilion’s outdoor eatery, Cantina de San Angel, including a kitchen expansion, realigning seating areas to improve the view of the World Showcase lagoon and a new menu – all expected to be done by next summer. "

EPCOT Dining to get a Makeover - Discover Universal Message Board & Forum


I was all for getting some tequilla :dry:

But good news for epcot :biggrin:


Is that the end of this summer or next summer? Since going down the end of this summer im hoping it’s this one, big fan of the Tequila!


LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

We’ve gotten margaritas from the stand before and DH didn’t like them so I finished his (almost the whole thing) and my own… since I can’t turn down a margarita!! And I was a little buzzed!!! :blink: :pinch: :blush: :laugh:


Tequila and cookies?
I might hurl just at the thought.
Do you think they’ll have Cabo Wabo Tequila?


wait! Hold the press! the end of THIS summer???


well, the tequila bar is supposed to be this summer - the other mexico stuff is for next summer, i guess!

I was thinking the tasting would be like the one in Japan’s Mitsokoshi - just a bar with a spot to stand while tasting - but much much larger. Just what i had pictured in my head. I’ll be ok with anything tho!:blush: :blink: :blow: :laugh: