Tessa has arrived!


So, since Tessa is having problems with her internet and getting onto DC, she asked me to let you all know she is here safely. I met up with her tonight and we went to Earl of Sandwich for dinner (and Drew tagged along too). :happy: It was a lot of fun and Tessa is in agreement that the Earl has the best sandwiches ever. Afterward we browsed the Once Upon a Toy store, got some free chocolate at Ghirardelli’s, then it was back to the Commons for her meet and greet there.

As we were driving into Disney World, it was her first time passing through the huge welcome arch, so we got a picture of her. It’s still on the camera, but once I load all my pictures, I will be sure to post the pic of her. It’s cute. :happy:

Anyways, as soon as she is able to get her internet working right, she will be on with a full report. Until then she is only able to sign into MSN Messenger.

Just thought you should all know. :biggrin:


Yay Tessa!

Thanks so much for the update, Ginger. Can’t wait to see the pictures.


Thanks! She must be in heaven right now! And how great is it that she has a great DC friend already there to show her around! Let her know everyone is thinking of her and excited to hear about her trip!


Thanks gingita!
Glad to hear that she got there safe and sound! And I can’t wait to start reading her reports of what it’s like! :cool:


We had so much fun in DtD. We didn’t get to spend much time, but still had a great time. She was just like me when I arrived–in awe of everything and not really sure if it was all actually happening. :biggrin:


I love that feeling!

It takes a couple of days for it to really sink in! It’s so great that she is fulfilling a dream!


So glad she arrived there safe and that you were there to meet her. Cant wait to hear all of her thoughts as she arrived and now starts her new adventure! Thanks for the update Ginger! :mickey:


Glad to hear she arrived.


Now the real fun begins.

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YAY! How insanely exciting! She is so lucky to have someone familiar there to greet her & make it easier Ginger, how nice!!!


awee!! Yeah Tessa!!


Ging… It’s so awesome of you to be Tessa’s official welcome wagon. You’re the best…

I’m so happy for Tessa… She must be having sensory overload right about now… I can’t wait to see the pics…


Ginger, I just want to add that I am proud of you sticking out the CP so long. BTW, I was the ONLY one who bet on you making it all the way through without getting thrown out. DANA bet you wouldn’t last a week. Erin gave you an hour–tops.

Of course, Tessa has got to make it, considering her parents have already gutted her old room for remodling.


Yay! How wonderful for Tessa! How nice you got to enjoy DTD together :slight_smile:


It’s so great to hear that she arrived safely, and that she has a friend to show her the ropes! Thanks, Ginger.


What a great first day for her! How nice of you Ginger!


You all are having so much fun at WDW and I am enjoying hearing about it a lot too! Keep it coming! :biggrin: