Tessa IMed me! She's in FL!


YAY!! She made it safely to FL, and is going to go to DTD with Ginger, soon!

She is having trouble getting online, her computer lets her get on MSN, but it won’t open IE.


I just wanted everyone to know she’s here!! :c)

Isn’t that so exciting?!?!??!?!? :c)



That is great! Glad to hear it!


OMG!! YAY!! Thanks for the update Erin:) I’m so happy for her…not jealous at all…Nope not one bit :pinch: :wink:


Yay Tessa! Glad to hear she had arrived and is well :slight_smile:



Wow. :laugh:


YAY!!! I hope she can check in here soon!!!


Oh that is great news. I am so excited for her. I hope she gets things worked out so she can post here soon!


How exciting! I’m so glad to hear that she made it safely! I soooooooooo wish I was there!


Glad to know she’s down there safe and sound.


Awe, I’m so happy she made it there and all is well!


I’m gonna go stalk, um, I mean visit her one of these days.


That’s so awesome to hear. I’m glad our Pirate Princess is safe and sound in paradise… Lucky duck… :biggrin:


That is so great! Her IE must work soon! We cannot possibly tolerate any techical difficulties. One of you techies go down there and help her out.


That is SOOO wonderful to hear!! Thanks for updating us, Erin!!


Yay!!! Thanks for the update, Erin. Hope you get your computer stuff worked out, Tessa. We want to know every detail of every day of your life at Disney!!!


glad to know she made it safe


Enjoy DTD and have fun with Ginger!! Glad to hear the trip went safely!


Glad to hear she’s made it to the MOUSE!!! It’s amazing how, although I’ve never met any of you, I get wrapped up in your stories! Great community here at DC!


Yay! Thanks for the update, Erin!


Thanks for the update Erin! Hopefully Tessa will be up and running soon to tell us all about how she’s doing! :excl: