Tessa March 28th Canadian Food and Beverage


This will be my offical thread where I post all my job info :smile:

Just letting everyone know (who didn’t already see it in the Chit Chat thread) that I have been changed to Food and Beverage in the Canada Pavillion…

So I’ll start off on Cart selling Popcorn and Beer tee hee then after a few months I move into Le Cellier as a server or hostess…there are many different positions.

So now in order to visit me you’ll have to dine at an expensive restaurant :laugh: hahaha

…now I’m waiting for my “Disney Welcome Package” to arrive in the mail, any day now! It’ll have more info on my position and everything, including Disney luggage tags! :biggrin:


Tessa…I’m so happy for you…you’re going to have so much fun on this new adventure:)


Ok :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


That will be great! What were you originally assigned to?


How long will you be working at WDW for?

Any chance you will still be there in Dec when we visit again?


Sounds like fun, Tessa! And if you are outside selling popcorn and beer, you will get to hear all of Off Kilter’s shows which is exciting. And Le Cellier is so yummy - pretzel bread and cheddar cheese soup, yum!


Le Cellier is so pretty inside and you’ll probably be happy to been in there once summer rolls around!! It’s nice and cool in there!


Tessa -
That will be the perfect excuse for me to go to lecellier. I hope all DCer stop by and give you a hello and a hug for support. you are going to do wonderful. I am so proud of you. The offer is open for pm support if you get nervous before you go or if you find yourself just a little lonely. I am always here for you. You are going to love it there! :heart:


Nah - we won’t bother eating at LeCellier - we’ll just stand at the door and chant “we want Tessa, we want Tessa”.

Just teasing Tessa - we’ll definitely be by to see you!


Ooh, how exciting!!! That is really awesome that you will get to move onto Le Cellier at some point. Coincidentally, that’s the one restaurant we are positive we are going to eat at when we go! :biggrin: :wink:

I’m totally excited for you Tessa…and I can’t wait to see you in action when we come to Epcot!! Woohoo, my Disney CM sister on the other side of the continent! :heart: :smile:


Tessa, I am planning to go back in late April or early May for the flower and garden festival, so we will make sure to stop and see you!


Will you be there by the end of the month??? We’ll stop by and say Hi!!!


We always go to Le Cellier and we always have to stop at the popcorn cart so roomie can get some Moosehead, so we’ll see you either way! :slight_smile: When do you start?


LOL…Now that’s a good idea :smile:


Since you are going to twist my arm to eat at LeCellier, I mean visit you :whistling , I guess that I have to.


Oh that is so exciting! WE LOVED Le Cellier in October. You should make some pretty good tips in there too! CONGRATULATIONS!


Tessa this is exciting news! Here’s hoping you’ll be there on our next visit!!


That is so exciting. You will have to keep updating us so we can find you. :mickey:


Hoooray for Tessa! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures and insider information! :biggrin:


That is great! I know you will have such a wonderful time working there.