Check in ASAP after you get settled!!! We can’t wait to hear every little detail! I hope that your flight was safe and uneventful, and you aren’t too exhausted from the trip! BEST WISHES!!!


Oh, me! Me too! I want to hear all about it!! :biggrin:


hope you had a safe Journey


Today is the big day for Tessa!!! :smile: I hope you have a great trip, and good flight!!! Welcome to the US!!!


Hey Tessa- we hope that you like it very much!


Thank you all so much!!! It’s been a huge cry fest around here since yesterday, I have the most puffy piggy eyes now :tongue:
I’ll report in ASAP! I can’t believe it’s finally here :smile:



Yeah, don’t let the tears fool you. I’ll bet money your parents will have your furniture sold and your room remodeled into a guest room before the end of the week! :wink:


I’ll bet you’ll be crying tears of joy once you get settled in and start realizing your dream!! :mickey:


Ain’t that the truth :nonono2: My old room is now my dad’s hobby room :pinch:


Haha! Same here! My old room at my parent’s house is where my dad’s fly tying studio is now!!


LOL! What’s up with that? I thought for sure my room would be a shrine dedicated to me…their favorite child! :dry:


Y’know, I expected the exact same thing! But…nuthin’! Just…flies, and more flies! :eek: :noo:


Well…I’ll show them…I’ll just move right back in! :eek:

Tessa…Travel Safe and enjoy this wonderful opportunity! :happy: