Test Track change


Hi everyone, I know there is a new Test Track planned but wasn’t sure when it officially opens, or maybe it already has? How does it compare to the original, which I love(d)? Is it like a “create your own roller coaster” that I may not be able to handle? I can handle the original Test Track fine


It has been open since December… You build your car- not the track. The track I believe is the same.


I rode it a couple of weeks ago. The queue was so disorienting to me because everything was so different. I had a hard time figuring out where I was in the building. We got stuck in a small room right outside the design room for a while because the ride stopped and it got very, very claustrophobic, We actually almost left.

The ride itself was fun. It feels a lot faster even though the track is the same, probably because the design is so sleek. Lots of lighting effects. I guess the point is seeing how your design would handle the track but that wasn’t working when we rode so we never saw any info about our own design throughout the ride.

I am a sucker for the old Test Track though and I kind of missed the corny pre-show and the rest of it.


Happen to have taken a ton of pics last week! Here you go:


And a few more:


Once you get into the ride, the deal is that you are testing the parameters of the cars designed by the people riding with you (if anyone actually took a moment to design one! LOL). It is basically the exact same as before, only it looks like the inside of a computer (much like the movie Tron) with computer graphics instead of trees, etc.
It is a GREAT refurb!!!


OK, the Wife HATED it…building your own virtual car was just a waste of time in her opinion. My boys 8 and 11 LOVED it and thought that was just as fun as the ride.


Rode it on Friday. None of us were impressed. The track is the same just with some Tron" like graphics as mentioned by Miss Disney. We did not build a car since we were in the FP line so we could just go right on.


I saw one review online that basically said, “If you have boy parts, you will love it. If you have girl parts, you’ll probably be unimpressed.” :laugh:


When we did it, we also had fast passes but we did not have the option to skip making a car. How did you do that? No big deal really, DH liked building it, I was just wondering.

We were all herded into the area to make cars and had to wait there. It seemed like how long we were in the section was timed, so that you couldn’t stay there and play on those computers all day before being herded to the next section of the queue.


We’ve never cared for Test Track. There was too much hype and it’s never lived up to it. And I’m still bitter about the loss of World of Motion.


They tried herding us into a group of about 30 waiting to build a sim car. But the CM asked us if we wanted to go into the line or just to the rise. We skipped a long wait. They only had a few consoles for the FP line to build a sim car.


We got a couple rides during “previews” the days before the official opening. It will be very easy to shift the theme to Tron. When we went, we didn’t quite have the chance to have everyone in our car present their own (limited choice) sim car. I’m not a fan of this part because the choices are far too limited for my liking and there is no way to go back and change something that you don’t like (performance issues). It also doesn’t change your ride experience one way or the other. Some of the actual ride is a little better as they’ve gotten away from the “GM Proving Grounds” theme, but the actual course is still the same as it ever was.


Thanks, I’ll remember to ask to skip it next time we have a fastpass.


Thank you for the feedback, it is helpful. I never got to see world of motion, what was that about? Maybe I should start a new thread… :slight_smile:


Don’t feel too bad, I never saw the original ride, or Horizons, or the original World of Energy or basically anything that closed before 1996.

A link for a You Tube search for videos of the long gone ride:


It was fun,a little different but some of the upgrades are cool


Totally agree. Most overrated thing at Disney.