Test Track question


Anyone have any idea what cars they have in the “exit” area of Test Track these days.

I ask this for my 4 yearl old that is hoping they still have a Poantic there.



The only one I remember…because I was soooo excited to see it and get to sit in it…was a Hummer H2! Other than that I really didin’t notice anything :wub:


They generally have one of each make of the GM cars. I am pretty sure they will have a Pontiac there.


When I went i dont remember being impressed by the cars…i actually think their was a minivan???


Do they ever have the “live” test dummies in the TT exit area anymore? I remember they did that the first time I visited (in 2000) but I haven’t seen them since. They used to stand still and then move and startle the crud outta people. :laugh: It was a BLAST to watch! I think I still have pictures of us with them.


I just returned from Test Track, and I don’t remember seeing a Pontiac - they have the convertible Saab there now, but they took the Hummer out.


Escalade and Corvette?


The had a Pontiac GTO there last week…


Don’t they have the classic corvette there? They did last year.


The Escalade is there, but I don’t remember seeing the Corvette. I also haven’t seen any test dummy characters walking around. You’re lucky, Kim, I’ve never gotten to see them!