Test Track Re-opening date?


I’ve heard November thrown around for reopening of Test Track. As the holidays are approaching, have they narrowed down the dates? We are doing Thanksgiving - thinking my best hope will be a soft opening.


…the website says its closed until Friday Nov 30th, but most of the time, they are done before the “end” date…I’ve been surprised to find attractions that were listed as closed for our trip…to be finished and reopened way head of schedule…


A couple of years ago when Space Mountain was going through refurb, they had a “soft opening” while we were there. Had not even thought about it being open because it wasn’t close to its completion date but saw an “A” frame sign saying its currently open. Just keep an eye out for that sign, you may be pleasantly surprised like I was.


It will be open the next time I go :sad:


I can’t wait to ride the new test Track for Dec 2012!


Test Track will not reopen until 12/6


We’ll be there for Thanksgivng - so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a soft opening. :mickey:


You just never know with Disney! Good luck!


I think that they schedule the soft openings way out from the finish date so that if there are construction delays, then they have time built into the schedule and no guests are disappointed aka Clark Griswold. I bet with Thanksgiving crowds, they will have it open.


Counting the minutes!