Test Track


Anyone know when Test Track is reopening? We are going to be there in September & it was originally supposed to be open in Fall, which is pretty vague. Hoping it will be open for us, would appreciate any info regarding this. :happy:


I have seen reports saying it won’t be until December. I have also seen reports that say it will reopen on Epcots 30th Birthday on 10/1 since nothing else seems to be planned that day. I’ll be there on 10/1 and think that would be GREAT!!


I saw two blogs over the weekend reporting it closed till at least November 30. The live chat at Disney Blog over the weekend only said “late fall.” Someone else may have more details but that is the latest I have heard.


I read 10/1. I will post if I see or hear anything different.


I’ll be there on 10/1 I also hope it will be open.


Praying for soft opening september :ph34r:


I will be needing a complete report on all changes or updates, please. Pics if you can get them. It’s my favorite ride in all of WDW.


There was still a whole lot of activity going on behind the walls there two weeks ago…that’s all I can tell ya…Didn’t see nor hear anything being tested…


Serioulsy, wondering how much of a change to expect? A little refresher, or a huge overhaul?


huge overhaul from what Iv seen on YouTube and other sites :nuke:


Ohhh, here’s hoping for a 10/1 opening!


…this is the You Tube I watched some months back…I think there are some other interviews from blogs as well…it sounds really cool to me…

Test Track update details and artwork from Imagineers at Walt Disney World - YouTube


Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope for a 10/1 or sooner!!
I hope they have a soft opening for you in Sept too!!!


Hoping for a 10/1 opening, as well!!!


I’d expect more than a minor refresh, especially how long the ride is down.
Also, remember, GM isn’t the same company today that it was in 1996, they don’t have as many brands and they want the attraction to reflect the current GM while at the same time the ride itself was in serious need of a major update.

What they eventually unveil, I’ll eventually see it for myself. Until then, I’m looking at this the same way I look at the Fantasyland expansion; I’ll see it when I see it and until then I want the changes to remain a mystery to me until the last moment. The only anticipation I want to experience is the anticipation of what all has been done. I want to try and avoid spoilers.

Oh yeah, I don’t think the final speed run can be changed, but I expect a new series of “tests” and perhaps even new ride vehicles.


Really? Because I was thinking that Test Track wasn’t down very long at all. I was actually going to praise Disney on how quick they got this done. It closed in April, and it’s reopening possibly October of the same year… that’s only 7 months! Seems like nothing compared to the Space Mountain rehab (or maybe I’ve just forgotten exactly how long Space Mountain took).


it’s a huge overhaul. I have never been on the original ride, so for me, should it be open in time for us, this will be a new ride no matter what


That’s about how long the MK Space Mountain was closed.
The Disneyland Space Mountain was closed much longer because it was completely rebuilt.


Do not read if you want a total surprise. We know with the info we have from Disney that:

The que is totally changing.

The ride vehicles will be different.

The track path itself will not change.

To use the build a car feature you will have to go through the standby line.

They are shooting for a late fall opening.

We really liked the old ride, even if it was a bit dated. Looking forward to the new one for our next trip.


I’ve always been rather under-whelmed with Test Track. I can remember it took us forever to finally ride it, because it was always (still is, it seems) breaking down. Once we did - I thought “meh”. As far as I’m concerned any change will be good. Of course, I’m still bitter that Horizon’s and World of Motion aren’t there anymore. Both were far more entertaining than either Test Track or Mission Space.