Test trip report


It’s finally here Day 1 of our vacation that we have been anxiously planning for the past 11 months.

Cast: Myself and my DW (ToriaDavis)

Itinerary: Oct 4 arrive at Port Canaveral for our Disney Cruise aboard the Disney Magic. Oct 11 arrive at Saratoga Springs for 8 days.

Well, the first day was nothing but airplane traveling. Our first flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta was right on time, it was completely full but it wasn’t bad at all. When we arrived in Atlanta we were supposed to have an hour layover, however, when we checked the boards we were delayed 15min. I know what you are saying no big deal. Well we waited 15 extra min and that went by fast and they still were not boarding the plane yet. Well we finally boarded the plane 35 mins. from the original time but then there was so many people on the standby list that we just sat in our seats for another 20min until take off. This plane was completely packed but enjoyable with all the children on the plane because of all the random cute things kids say.

When we got to Orlando we got our luggage and then headed back into the airport for an overnight stay at the Hyatt in Orlando Airport. The service from the start was great they informed us on everything that we need to do with our luggage in the morning and also where to meet the bus to take us to the port. The entire cruise transfer just sounds care free and that is the way vacation should be. I will let you know how care free it was on tomorrow’s report. However, the room is great and we have a balcony that views into the terminal area and if you like to people watch like me it is interesting watching people at airports. Time is creeping up quickly with the time changes so I must get some sleep to be well energized for the cruise tomorrow. Will be posting pictures tomorrow as well.


it worked! So maybe it’s just the TR forum with troubles at the moment?