Texas to Florida - Starting Day 1


We loaded up the van and by the time I finished work (work at home) and packed up it was 10:30pm. We took off hoping to beat the storm out. We barely even saw any rain the whole drive. We drove all night, switched drivers from me to my wife and back again when we finally made it to the hotel last night around 9:30pm.

I just woke up and we are getting around to head to the Beach Club resort to check-in and begin our Disney adventures.

We called friends in our neighborhood and told us that by the time Ike went through it was just a strong rain and just a little wind.

Well, I will report on how the day goes, hopefully will a pic or two.


Glad you had a safe trip and all at home is well. Now start having fun!


Yea, another live trip report!! I’m glad you had an uneventful drive.

Have fun!


I look forward to hearing more…I’m glad your drive wasn’t affected by the hurricane.


Glad to hear everything is fine at home and you arrived at WDW safely. Have a great trip and I can’t wait to hear more!


I am glad you all got out before the storm and even more glad that Ike wasn’t so bad when he hit your hometown. I love the live reports and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.


Glad to hear you made it safely, and that all is well in Ike’s wake.
I can’t wait to hear more!


I am glad to hear that you made it there safe.


Glad you had a safe journey, I love reading live trip reports.


We checked-in to the Beach Club. We were warmly greeted by those at the resort and welcomed us back home (this being our 2nd time to stay at the Beach Club). They asked us what brought us to Disney World, which I replied “an addiction”. The greeter said that was a good addiction to have. I agree.

So when checking in I nervously asked the person checking us in (a new guy who said this was his 3rd month on the job) “are there any upgrades available today?” I learned that question here on this message board. The guy looked at me, looked back at another worker who apparently handles room assignment. He steps back to her and the both of them fumble through a map of the rooms. He steps back and says they are checking. I must have looked pleasantly surprised, because I expected a negative response. But just that they were willing to check, was worth something to me. The young woman with the map steps forward and shows me the room map and points out 3 options for me. A garden view, a poolside view and a lake view. Now I can’t say which is the best choice, but a water view sounded like the best choice to me, which is what I chose. And good news “that room is ready too!” It was 9:30 am and the room was ready, that was a first for me. So we go quickly up to the room and we were not disappointed with the view. We can see the water, the BWI and TT behind the BWI. VERY COOL.

We didnt have time to unload our luggage, we just had enough time to get to the AK for our ADR at Yak & Yeti. We loved it there. It was really good food. We made it to our ADR in plenty of time which is always nice. I hate being late. I highly recommend the Yak and Yeti. The kids loved it too.

We didnt waste anytime to go get on the EE ride. It was about a 30min wait in line. Not bad considering it is a beautiful day on Sunday. Then we took in a couple of rides (5 min wait) on the Dinosour ride using the parent pass option. Love that parent pass. The kids especially love it since they get to ride each ride twice. Although sometimes deciding which two kids that get to go both times can be hard, but usually they dont fight about it, much. PW was walled off, probably for maintenance. We decided to go back to the room an hour earlier than our schedule to unpack and rest. Jordan (the baby of the family) fell asleep like a rock on the bus ride back. She was ready for some rest. I thought it would be a good opportunity to write out some of our trip report. Our itinerary Disney World Vacation Intinerary - September 14 - 20, 2008

We got all unpacked and we are ready to head to MK for EEMH. I will report back.


Oh, I forgot, here is the view we got. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Also, one set back. The mickey lamp in our room broke. Mickey fell off his lifegaurd chair and shattered. Something tells me this is not his first dive, with all the glue on him.

Should I ask for a new lamp?


[QUOTE=snowmedia;881506]Oh, I forgot, here is the view we got. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Also, one set back. The mickey lamp in our room broke. Mickey fell off his lifegaurd chair and shattered. Something tells me this is not his first dive, with all the glue on him.

Should I ask for a new lamp?[/QUOTE]

Oh my gosh, OH no, poor Mickey!!! Did they come and fix it? :pinch:


Sounds like you had a wonderful first day, I hope the rest of the trip is just as good.


I’m glad to hear that your drive from Texas to Florida went safely. How long does it take to drive from Texas? I’m in Austin; just curious.

The pictures are great and I’m glad you loved Yak & Yeti; we really like it there, too. What is that dessert your DD is eating???


Glad to hear you made if safely. I would let them know about Mickey


We ended up resting in our room an extra hour and got over to MK around 6:30pm. We were hungry and went straight to the Starlight Cafe. It has alot of good options as far as counter services go. Plus you get the stage show. I am just curiuos, do all of you have your table look as trashed out as we do after eating counter service? And do you waste as many cups of ketchup like we do? :slight_smile:

We skipped the fireworks tonight and just took advantage of the short lines on all the rides. With 5 min waits on line, that pretty much is just how long it takes to walk the queue. I got 144,100 on BL which is not my best, but just trying to keep it interesting with a few meaningless details. :slight_smile: After the fireworks, the wait times shot up. It was EEMH tonight and almost every resort visitor was there. But instead of going for the ones everyone else was going for, we hit HM and PotC with on the time to walk the queue. My DS decided he wanted to buy a Capn Jack Sparrow hat and sword. He really loves to emerse himself into the fantasy. Then when went for the Mountain Trifecta and hit the Thunder, then Splash, then Space.

While in line at Space Mountain (30min wait), the last ride or the night before closing. There was a couple in line behind us wearing a wedding suit and dress. I went the whole walk of the queue not paying much attention. But towards the end, I just had to ask about why they were dressed so nice and riding Space Mountain. Well, they were a shy young couple, but gladly told me that they had just gotten married and they were there at WDW for their honeymoon. They decided instead of going back to their room to change that they would just head to parks in their wedding garments. I thought was unique and cool. I tried to snap a photo, but it was hard to get a good shot.

We had a good first day and felt we covered our options well. Tomorrow holds new adventures to be had.


The TR and pictures are great and as you found out it never hurts to ask about a room upgrade. You got very lucky with waits for the rides it seems.


Sounds like you are having wonderful luck. Upgraded room, early check-in, missing the storm and things safe at home. Glad to hear you are having fun!


We were pretty worn out from the night before, probably compounded with the long drive the day before. We slept a little later than planned. I wrote a note by our broken mickey lamp, explaining that it was that way when we checked-in. We finally got to Epcot around 10am. We decided to take it easy and enjoyed some leisurely shopping. To my surprise the kids were ok with that and we stayed on the international side our whole time at Epcot. Of course we promised them the next day we are at epcot would stay mostly on Future World side. They accepted the arrangment. We had a 12:15pm ADR for Teppan Edo. This was our first time eating there since the changed from Teppanyaki Dining Room. I liked it alot more. It seemed more spacious and alot more comfortable. The food was still great! I enjoyed it alot more as Teppan Edo.

It was definitely feeling a little more hot and humid today. We did alot of ducking into stores to cool off and shop. But we were mostly wanting to shop anyways. We did go on the Maelstrom. Our kids had actually never ridden it. My wife and I rode it 7 years ago when we went on our first trip to WDW. They really need to update their Spirit of Norway film. It looks 20 years old, especially when they show the advancing culture of Norway showing men in business attire working around personal computers that look ancient.

We are back at the room, taking some time to rest, clean up and get ready to head over to DS. It is another EEMH.

Oh and we returned to the room with a new Mickey Lamp. It is so nice to be able to write this report sitting next to Mickey shiney and whole.

Will report on the evening when we get back.


Here is where our room is from the outside.