Text message notifications for room assignments


Found this on Allears, thought it was pretty cool

[U]Mobile Room Ready Notification Service [/U]

Mobile Room Ready Notification Service is an optional service that allows Guests who arrive prior to their select Walt Disney World® Resort hotel check-in time to simplify their resort arrival by alerting them through their cell/mobile phone when their room is available.

During the check-in process, Guests provide a cell/mobile telephone number and request a return notification preference. When the room is ready, a text message or automated call will be sent to the Guest’s cell/mobile phone number with the room number. This message will have your room number. If for some reason, your room number changed since you checked in at the front desk, you will have to return to the Front Desk for new room keys and your room number.

You choose whether to have a phone call or a text message sent to your phone. Standard text messaging rates for your phone apply.

This service is available for Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Vacation club resorts.


AWESOME!!! I love this idea… I rather have a text


That’s a cool idea. I assume this instead of getting that card and them telling you to call back? It’s much easier than that!


I’m not surprised at all that Disney is now able to send a text alert! So many guests rely on texting I’m sure. Although, just like with making ADR’s or checking in, I really enjoy any CM contact. But, it would be nice to have such a minimal interruption if you were in the middle of something at a park.


I would love that. I’ve always end up calling several times.


Love it! I plan on using this if our room isn’t ready when we check in this month. We will be arriving early and I suspect we may not be able to check in immediately. Glad to hear of this feature!:happy:


This is so good because we always get there early and our room isn’t ready. We usually go straight to MK and it’s pretty difficult finding a quiet place to call the resort to find out the room number. Having them text it would be great!


Sounds good to me. While I hate text messages, this would be one time that I would be glad to get one. As a PP said, it’s far easier than having to find a quiet spot to call.


Fantastic!! This should make things alot smoother Im guessing!


I love this! Thanks for posting-I had no idea!


Great!! Maybe I will ge to try it out for our August trip. Thanks Wishy~~


we signed up for this. They gave us the card to call as well.

We called and the room wasn’t ready. Then they called us. We weren’t told we could get a text.


This is awesome! We’ll use it August if our room isn’t ready.


this is great news since we’ll be checking in aat 10:00 am :wub:


We tried to use this, and no one ever called or texted us at either resort we’ve stayed at (Boardwalk or SSR). I think they must still be getting the kinks worked out. We ended up calling back and they said our room was ready. They didn’t contact us.


Cool concept!


I agree! :heart:


If they have the kinks worked out it would be awesome!! I wonder if it works for international guests?? (Can you tell I am so not a cell phone guru??)