TGI Friday's


Helllllo Mousebuzzers, long time no talk!

So, I recently decided to put off Disney for ONE semester, and do the college program instead of the CareerStart Program since they’re currently not recruiting.

But, I can’t put off Disney all together! So I’ve decided to move to ORLANDO, FLORIDA! I’m about to apply for Valencia Community College and go there for a year and transfer to Suffolk University in Boston. (which of course sponsers the college program)

Living on my own for the first time is going to be e x p e n s i v e, especially with school and everything.

Now, everyone is telling me there is a TGIFRIDAY’s in Orlando, right near Disney World…(I currently work at TGI and want to transfer)

I’ve gone to Disney A LOT, and never realiezed so where is it?!

Sorry for the long build-up before that silly question:blush:


Yes there is one. We have been to it. When we went there a guy was making animal ballons for each table(that was his job) and I don’t think it was an employee at TGI. It is right off an exit near WDW. You should be able to see it from I-4.


There are three or maybe four within 5 miles of Disney. One at The Crossroads near DTD, one on 192 Near 535, and One on West 192 near AK. I’m pretty sure there is another one close but it escapes me right now.

Which Valencia campus are you attending? None are super close to Disney-- it may be more beneficial for you to live and work near your school. There is not a whole lot in the way of affordable housing unless you get out a ways from WDW.

Also, have you talked to your school in Boston? I attended VCC for one semester while I was waiting for Florida residency for UCF and I am now back in PA and NONE of my credits from there are being accepted. I have talked to 5 different schools in PA. I just don’t want you to waste $$ like I did.

If you have any questions about the move to Orlando please don’t hesitate to ask. I can help with what neighborhoods you want to avoid and offer other tips. Its a lot of work, but so worth it!

Also, when you start looking for Apts. DO NOT tell them you will be full time student. Most complexes, even if you have a job, will not rent to full time students.


Well I just emailed Valencia about transferring to Suffolk. When they get back to me I’ll let you know. Well Valencia East Campus is 41 minutes from WDW says Mapquest. Most apartments I’ve been looking at have been in the 600-800 range. I’ll probably look for a roomate. Who knows. I just really want to be in Florida. I can’t stand living at home right now, but I can’t go away to a university yet bc I have my GED.


I totally understand-- I didn’t wanna be at home either! Valencia East is in East Kissimmee, I lived there for about a year. I would say 41 minutes is kinda a low estimate. Mile wise, its probably only about 25 but traffic wise is a different story. If you are going to East Campus, I would check out the Hunter’s Creek Area. It is one exit up 417 from DTD and is really nice. There is also a TGIFridays there. It would kinda be a nice half way for you b/w Disney and school. Its also a nice neighborhood with alot of shopping/eating and alot of young people.


I just sent an availability request for the Parkway at Hunter’s Creek apartments. They’re certainly expensive. But my parents will help me pay for them because I’m going to school and that’s all they care about haha.


Well Good Luck to you! :happy:


Good Luck! I know its so exciting/overwhelming! You may also want to check out, Colonial Grand at Hunters Creek, Colonial Grand of Heather Glen, The Camdens Hunters Creek. If you are looking for cheaper options, one exit further up 417 (Towards the Airport) there are two complexes that are signifigantly cheaper! Let me know if you have any questions!