Thank You Notes


I know PackerBeth used thank yous during her trip so maybe she can help…

I know there is a web site that has thank you note templates, Mousekeeping tip envelopes, stationairy templates etc.

What web site is it? I can’t find it!!!



Will this help?

NEW Cast Member Appreciation Cards Index


Thanks for the link Daisee. We will use these on our up and coming trip. They are a lot more classier than what I have done on the computer in the past.


I remembered seeing them before, I plan to use them next time. They are a nice little touch.


Thanks Daisee, thats exactly what I was looking for!



I knew there was a web site that had this stuff and I was going to print out ones for MouseKeepings tips everyday BUT after readring your TRs I am gonna print out extra and hand them out when appropriate!



I found that site a few days ago and I really love those cards. THey are so cute and the kids will really enjoy handing them out. I love doing the extra things for the people who do extra for me…and actally sometimes for people who don’t deserve it just to keep them on thier toes. hahaha


I found these:

Disney Mousekeeping Envelopes Page 1 • The Mouse For Less


Great ideas!!! THANKS! :wub:


The envelopes are a great idea. We keep leaving tips for mousekeeping every day but she wouldn’t pick it up, probably thinking it was just our money lying around. DH kept putting in obvious places but everyday it was still there. We just collected it all and left it for her the last day. This was the first time this has ever happened to us.


Hey!! You are back!:happy:

I make up my own envelopes with Disney stickers for Mousekeeping for our trips. We also found if we just left the money out, it was left behind by mousekeeping.


Thanks for the links everybody.


Mickeysgirlz, those are adorable! Thank you so much for the second link. I will definitely be using these on our fall trip.



I also had the same problem but a friend told me that the “universal” rule to leaving housekeeping tips is to leave the money on the bed pillows in the morning and they know thats the money they can take.

I have never had a problem once I started doing that.

I just wanted the notes to copy packerbeth’s idea of making a CMs day!



Thanks you so much for the CM Appreciation card!! This is a wonderful idea and I will be printing out a stack of the Christmas theme cards to take with us in December. I also printed the Mousekeeping envelopes a little while ago. They are loaded with $$ and already in our “Disney Box” where we are collecting things we don’t want to forget (ponchos, ID holders, etc.). This is another idea provided by an MB’r. MB’rs are the the best!!


I saw those Christmas themed thank you cards. Those are great. Last year I printed out mousekeeping envelopes for our December trip. They actually said " mousekeeping" on them, but with holiday decorations. :tinytree: We loved being able to use those. I can’t seem to find them. Can anyone help out? Thanks. :smile: