Thank you to all the MB's


Well our family reunion trip is finally all planed and booked. It actually took so much more work than I thought it would trying to plan for 5 families.
This was my first trip planned with the help of all my fellow MouseBuzzer’s.
I just want to say thank you for everyone’s great input and answers to ALL my questions. I have learned so many new inersting thing about my “happy place” thanks to all of you.


Wow! FIVE Families!!! What a trip! Please tell us all of the details-so we can live vicariously through you… oh, and we will want a trip report when we get back, too. Thanks!


he he he- I said, we… you didn’t just add a 6th family to your plans did ya??? ( I meant to say-“we will want a trip report when you get back”). Sorry- I was wishing that I was going for just a minute!


Wow that must have taken some planning- well done. We shall all look forward to hearing all about it when you return and pictures too!


and don’t forget to bring back dole whips for all of us.:laugh:


Glad you had a great time getting everything set up just right! A little planning at Disney makes being spontaneous so much easier! LOL


Congrats on planning such a big trip. Have fun!


Ok I hope everyone is sitting down and holding on…:redface:I have never had a dole whip! I will find them and bring tham back for ALL OF YOU! OK:laugh:
Can someone tell me what a Dole whip is like??


What is a Dole Whip?


I think we are the only ones here who doesn’t know what a Dole Whis is :confused::laugh::blink:


It’s soft serve pineapple ice cream.


I had never had one either until my last trip last Feb. They’re yummy, although I’m guessing they would be even better when it’s not 28 degrees while you’re eating it. I’ll try in May and see if I’m right.


:laugh: 28 degrees, that’s crazy! I didn’t even know it got that cold in Orlando:eek: