Thank You to my Pending Friends!


Ok - so you’re no pending anymore, but I have just been swamped.

It’s Pop Warner paperwork season, and I’m busy getting chewed out by parents who are criticizing me for trying to collect stuff that was due July 1st, and DD’s Bat MItzvah is just weeks away. I have not had time to do much more that a post here and there and just scan the new posts for a few minutes with my coffee.

Once October hits I plan on figuring out how this friends thing works, inviting those I’m missing to be my friends, and just relax again!!!


Since no one has replied to you in 5 hours I will.
I didn’t do anything but,
Your Welcome!


Oooh - that hurts! I guess I don’t have any friends after all!


I havent gotten into the friend thing either, as I am preparing to move, but I just wanted to send my sympathies your way for having to deal with the Pop Warner moms. I know its unfair to stereotype, but I have worked at POR twice now for Pop Warner week and those two weeks are two of the top 5 worst weeks of my life! I am not exaggerating! So, good luck gettting your papers collected I’ll send a little pixie dust your way!


I’m trying to get organized by next week so I can actually enjoy a few weeks off before school starts at the end of August.
It sounds like things are crazy for you so I wouldn’t worry about your “friends”. Friends should be understanding.


I am also trying to figure it out. I’m starting to get the hang of it.