"Thanks" Download Anyone?


Has anyone else received a card in the mail with a link to download desktop background and icons? This may be something new for 2009, since we were there in January.

I received a card in the mail from WDW (specifically POFQ–but it looks like you receive it from the resort where you stayed) that showed where I can go to download some stuff to my computer. First you have to answer a few, just a couple, quick questions about would you return, would you reccomend WDW to friends etc, then you get the icons in your email.

Now, I did all this, but I have not opened my email. I am positive it is a safe email—no questions there (re virus) —but could this stuff possibly contain cookies and tracking information or something? I don’t like stuff like that and remove and clean out tracking cookies a few times a week.

Anyone know anything more about this? Just curious. I have my own WDW picture as my desktop background so I really don’t need any of this but—just wondering.



We got one from our trip in September. It was a safe email to open. Its kinda
cute, nothing special though.


Ok—thanks for the first hand experience. I just don’t like anything “snooping” on my computer!!! :slight_smile:



I haven’t received anything yet.


Hmmm Did you stay on the property your last trip? I wonder if that has something to do with it.


We got this last year when we got home from SSR. It’s OK to open it and install what’s there :mickey: