Thanks Quicksilver!


Just returned from WDW last week. This was our 2nd time using Quicksilver and once again they did not let us down. Very professional and great service. I cannot remember our drivers name but he was great. He was there waiting for us when we got off the plane and was right on time picking us up on our departure date. Well be calling them again for our next trip in two years.


yeah, we love Quicksilver.

How about telling us what a great trip you’ve had, huh? We love trip reports, you know that :biggrin:


How much does it cost?


that depends on the trip.
For me from MCO to POR and back it costs $ 110.00 with a 30 minute stop at a grocery store, which we never take advantage of. We don’t need anything.

There is a link to the Quicksilver website on MB’s homepage :wink:


Yes - it depends on the type of car, etc. We use them all the time now.


Thanks for the commercial interruption. :tongue:


Just curious. What’s the advantage of using Quicksilver over Disney’s Magical Express?


For us, it’s just a luxury we save for. I want to be taken good care of the minute we get off the plane. That’s why we use Quicksilver. Color me spoiled, but I like it that way. :wub:


They will take you to the beer - GROCERY - the grocery store if you want, then right to your resort. And it is just you and yours. None of them foreigners from other countries (if you know what I mean).

no disrespect. I was watching Monty Python DVD’s last night and I had the guy standing in the stream on my mind - “I think we should tax all foreigners living abroad.”


It’s nice not to sit with the riff raff :laugh:

Seriously, it is nice to get where you want to go NOW and it’s part of the vacation, just like signature restaurants are part of that, ya know.


[QUOTE=Dopey;995911]It’s nice not to sit with the riff raff :laugh:

Seriously, it is nice to get where you want to go NOW and it’s part of the vacation, just like signature restaurants are part of that, ya know.[/QUOTE]

I like ME. I am riff raff…:pinch:


Could be worse. You could be …a dork?


Magical Express is “free”…magical is subject to personal opinion.

I use Quicksilver most of the time. Really nice to have them ready and waiting for you, ESPECIALLY when you have a late arrival. Plus the grocery stop will save SOME of us enough in beer alone to pay for the towncar. I use it for the cruises because it’s so darn easy. I’d much rather sit in a comfortable car for an hour than pay ALMOST as much to ride the bus to the port.


Yes my dear, we’re in the same club. Remember??:laugh:


The advantage of using a towncar service is immediate pick up and immediate departure from the airport and best of all you are immediately taken to your resort if you opt not to do the grocery stop. You pay for this… if you don’t want to pay for the service, you take ME and you wait to board the bus, wait to leave the airport and wait to go to your resort because it has multiple stops. I have done it both ways. I choose my airport transportation based on my vacation budget. This trip coming up, I am going to sea world and will use quicksilver for that, so I will take ME from the airport. I like luxury, but I’m not about wasting money either. I am not rich enough to afford Quicksilver for both trasports…I will be with the riff raff.:laugh::laugh:actually, I am the riff raff so my apologies in advance for anyone who is on that bus with me.:laugh:




My family of 4 older & big boys loved using Quicksilver last year. We saved so much money on snacks, cereal, Milk , fruit & water. They are always eatting. You would think 30 minutes isn’t enough to go shopping but, it was.


It’s plenty of time. The one year I used them and did the grocery stop we were in and out in about 20minutes or less.


I have used Quicksilver on 2 vacations so far and the service is truly great. They are prompt and courtesy. This is why I am going to use them again for my December trip.


We used QS on our trip last week and they were great. We did the grocery stop too. What I like about QS is that they picked us up at Pop 11am for our 1:30pm departing flight home. ME gave us a 8:30am pick up time last time for the same flight because we were considered an international dept…not having to waste that much time in the airport was totally worth it to me.