Thanks Tim!


Still can’t thank you enough for all your help. I hope you enjoyed your stay at the DLR and hope there was no little girl bothering you during the show LOL! I wished my sister and I could of stayed to go at Disneyland too, but things happened and it all worked out perfectly anyways. I am glad you managed to find the reopening of the Blue Sky Cellar; I was going to mention that, but it slipped my mind. Though I am sure you already knew that. Thanks again!!!


Always a pleasure! :smile: Im glad I was able to meet you both!


Yes thanks sooo much Tim I’ve been wanting to go there forever sorry we took so long though lol. I wanted to take a picture with you guys but I felt kinda dumb asking lol. So how was the blue bayou? Did your bro have a good time?


You didnt take too long, I felt bad because I felt like I rushed you both, haha. And you should have just asked about the picture, I LOVE taking pictures…so much fun! That just gives us something to look forward to doing next time we can meet up at the parks, woot woot!! And the Blue Bayou was great, the food was good and I was happy to see the menu was changed up a bit, for the better. The service wasnt all that bad this time too, I had to ask to be moved because I dont like sitting by backstage/back of house entrances…Its not my most favorite thing to hear the Dishwasher and CMs laughing around and clinking dishes and having main foot traffic behind me while I eat…not very good show in my opinion.