Thanks to you all


You all have been soooo nice.It has been awsome to see everybodys interest in everyones trips yo Disney.This is such a warm friendly place to be.I hope I can share my 1st December(christmas) trip to Disney with all of you.I am still in planning my restaurants,but I am getting closer.


Welcome Mousemom! Glad you found us too! Keep us posted on your trip plans…we love this stuff!!!


You’re welcome, I am so glad to hear that you’ve found Mousebuzz to be a welcoming place! We would LOVE to hear all about your trip when you get back! :wub:


WElcome to mousebuzz. I am glad you are finding this site helpful. This thread should have gone in mousetrap however. Please read the descritpions for the forums before submitting a new thread. I can’t wait to hear more about your plans for your upcoming trip and hopefully read a trip report from you when you get home. Happy planning.


welcome mousemom. Good to have you here. I hope that all the info you got and will get here will make your trip in December the most magical ever.


so good to hear you feel at home here. That is what it is all about! Weal love to share and look forward to hearing your plans no matter how BIG or small! :happy:


We’re glad you’re here! I look forward to seeing how your trip planning unfolds, AND, of course, your report in December!!



Welcome, Mousemom! I know you will have a great trip in December, that is an amazing time to visit WDW!


We’re so glad you joined the site, mousemom! :happy:

Haha. That makes us sound evil. “Join the Darkside, mousemom!”:ph34r:


welcome fellow mousebuzz newbie!! :laugh:


i have been going to disney for a long time, but the information that you can get from this site blew my mind…i wish i had known about it sooner…


I like this site because while you can learn a ton about disney from numerous sites, this one is the only one I’ve found with people who make you feel welcome. It’s a great family!


yes it does feel like a family. Everyone has so much info and good tips.Well, I have half my trip planned.Epcot on friday Dec,1. Still not sure of the dinner that night. I LOVE canada,it was sooo good,and lots of flavor. So maybe Canada, Morrocco, or Germany,those are our options. MK Sat. Not sure of dinner that night,any suggestions.Inside the park or outside the park. Sunday is home:sad: .But I will be back in My of 07’.


Welcome to MouseBuzz!!! Glad you feel at home. Of course, we want to hear all about your trip!! You’ve just added about, oh…200 (?) or so people to your family!!!


Welcome! :happy:

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