I just wanted to thank you both for renting points to my family for our trip in May. I realize how much work is involved! You both have had to make so many calls to OKW and Saratoga to find an available room…not to mention all of the e-mails and phone calls back and forth between us…AND the points tranfer! AND…Jeff had to do all of this twice for me since we had to re-schedule our January trip! I just wanted everyone here, in our DC family, to know that renting points from these guys has been a wonderful experience!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


So often in our society we hear only the negative. It is nice to see someone actually go out of their way to show their appreciation. Good stuff!


Renting points can be a full-time job! I know I am forever thankful to my “DVC landlord” and all of the work that he does for me. It’s so good to hear about your positive experience.


It is my pleasure. You have been very sweet and easy to deal with, too. But, then, isn’t that what DC is all about? Have a great vacation!! :heart: :mickey:


That’s awesome! Glad you are having the same positive experience renting points from a DCer that I am.



I was our pleasure. Not only did I get to meet you but I also got to know WDWJeff better. What could be better than that? :cool:

Hope your trip is excellent! :mickey:


And, don’t forget to post a trip report, with lots of Joey stories :wub: :mickey:


Awww, thanks! Isn’t Jeff a nice guy? You both are, truly. :happy:


I’ll do my best! :mickey: