I have to say, thanks to this board, I am armed with some serious information to make our trip this time around even more magical. Thank You all for your feedback, tips, suggestions, etc … :flowers: it’s fantastic! :wub:


I second that! theres always someone on here who can help out, and I am so glad you found all your info and answers too.


Glad you found all you need for a magical trip :smile:


Love us!
We Rock!
We all know something different too!
and can still learn new stuff!

So have a great time and bring us home a NEW discovery!!!


Best place on EARTH for any and all Disney info is RIGHT HERE!:cool:


I’m so glad you love it here! Helping and offering suggestions to each other is why we are all here…I LOVE THIS BOARD. :wub: :wub:


I love it too!!! I have made so many friends here I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t found it!


If you can’t find what your looking for here then it doesn’t exist


There are some pretty SWEET people hang’in around here!